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  1. uphuck, I left the coreduotemp off, but not the other one ... guess I'll try reinstalling again. has anyone done the apple updates after installing the 10.4.9 dvd from uphuck? ive had problems twice rebooting after the updates. the 2nd time, i didn't even do the security update, and still had issues.
  2. So with the Universal Kernel 2, removed ACPI thing, Natit + ATI X1XXXX packages ... the ATI packages stil ldont work, but the kernel seems better off. On bootup it does see that the CPUs have two power states (which is actually far fewer than there really are) -- but then ACPICPUThrottle reports that the CPUS were not reported by ACPI and that we should not be doing throttling. The Video drivers still dont work .. but once you install the Natit x1300 packages it works just fine. for some reason though I did a software update and the system now won't boot. it hangs @ Adding brows domain local ... going to let it sit for a bit, and then try a reinstall. Is there any way to verify the running CPU frequency in OSX without using that application thats included on the Uphuck dvd? That app doesnt seem to work properly on my system
  3. So I've tried installing it once so far on an Athlon64 X2 system... quick results: (ASUS A8N-32 SLI Board, nForce4 Chipset, Socket 939 AThlon64 X2, ATI x1300 Video Card) IDE/SATA Stuff: -) SATA works in the installer, but seems to write bad data to the disk. The installer fails, and subsequent reboots show that the entire partition I created is corrupt. -) Install on IDE works great... Kernel: -) I chose the Universal 2 kernel, the 10.4.9 AMD package, and the ACPI from 10.4.8. System booted up just fine. Noticed though that the kernel_task program was taking 70-80% of idle CPU time for some reason. COudl have been doing some indexing or something, didnt look into it too much. Video: -) I just chose the ATI X1XXXX driver. .. which didnt work. Re-installing with the Natit package selected (which worked previously on my 10.4.8 installation) Misc: -) Ethernet worked.. Gig-E worked great -) Audio worked -) USB worked just fine Now I'm trying again... this time I'm removing the ACPI thing per the Universal Kernel instructions, and selecting the Natit + ATI X1XXXX packages. We'll see how it plays out...
  4. I went home and tried a different system with a different 7800GT and had the EXACT same symptoms... I'm not sure who got a 7800 GT working, but I can't seem to do it. Trying today with an ATI X1300 and an NVidia GeForce 6600...
  5. I've got a system built up with the 10.4.8 ISO from that pirate-related website... it's not JAS's cd though, because I can't seem to find his. The system installs great, boots up, recognizes both of my Dual Core CPUs, PATA and SATA drives, etc, etc, etc. Full audio support, network support, etc. I've been trying for about 6 hours now to get the video working though... its stuck in standard VESA 1024x768 mode. I know I can force a higher resolution, but I also have dual monitors that I'd like to use. I've got TWO Nvidia 7800GT cards with the Device ID 0x009210de. I can either use 1 card with two DVI outputs, or use 2 cards with one each... i really don't care. I've tried the Titan pack first... it came up and saw the cards just fine -- but the OS still didn't give me any love. I've tried 4-5 different Natin driver packs, including the ~Neo installer. Either they see the card, but nothing useful happens ... or when I use the installer, it sees the cards and then the system won't boot. Sometimes it will boot up and say that the NVDA initialization failed. Other times it boots up and kernel panics! Most recently I've tried the MacVidia drivers ... they just boot up and as soon as the GUI starts, the monitor scrambles and the system hangs. Unfortunately I can't find any other PCI-E cards around here to try... does anyone have any advice? Can somebody give me a list of the STOCK 10.4.8 KEXT's I should have in /System/Library/Extensions? I'm wondering if this guys's ISO that I am using moves some of those around or something... perhaps even a package I can download with all new ones?
  6. 10.4.5 Prepatched DVD (Hot news for all)

    Well, I'm impressed. I've got 10.4.5 working on an Athlon64 system at work, and now on my beast at home!: ***UPDATE: XBench scores with OpenGL turned off -- 68.46.. but its well over 150 when you turn off the disk tests*** 2x Opteron 256 CPUs (3.0GHz each!) 8GB DDR400 Memory 300GB Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM Drive (4x74GB Raptors reserved for Windows) Dual Nvidia 7800GTX Video Cards (though, only one works.. and not accelerated) Netgear Gigabit Card Logitech G15 Keyboard Logitech G5 Mouse Onboard Audio (AC97 I believe) Logitech Headset (USB -- also works great) I'm impressed.. the only thing not working is the video card, and SATA support. I could care less about SATA -- but some day it'd be nice to have accelerated support on my $800+ in video cards.. Other than that, its extremely fast. I'll post XBench scores later.
  7. Turns out the problem was with the OpenGL.framework dir. I had not copied the 10.4.3 OpenGL binary into the 10.4.4 directory. Once I did that, it worked great... well kind of, i stll cant get 1680x1050 to work.. it drops it down to 1400x1050.
  8. I followed the instructions (danman) for installing the ATI drivers. Got the 10.4.4 drivers, and got the AGL and OpenGL frameworks and installed them. Now, though, when I boot the system up and it tries to log me in, it dumps me to the console. I can then log in with my account in text mode, and do whatever i'd like. Once I exit, it brings me back to the Log In screen, and again -- if I log in, it dumps me to console. What the {censored}? Anyone seen this before... any idea what to do to fix it? Could I have not installed the Framework files properly?
  9. Dual PCI-E Cards?

    I have 10.4.3 running on my Dual Opteron box with two NVidia 7800GTX cards. I know that I won't be able to get SLI working -- but I was hoping I could at least use dual monitors. For some reason the OS sees both cards in System Profiler, but only enables one. Is there some trick for enabling the 2nd card? (I'd also be happy to have some rudamentary driver that let me run 2 displays off of one card... but I figure thats a longer shot)
  10. I hope that this doesnt {censored} anyone off -- but I couldn't find an appropriate forum for this. I'm selling my current OSx86 box -- its worked great so far, but I am building something much bigger, and this is just taking up space. Motherboard: ASRock Micro-ATX P4Dual-915 Socket478 http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16813157075 CPU: Intel Prescott P4 2.4GHz (90nm, SSE3) http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16819116178 Memory: 1 GB (2 x 512mb) DDR400 CDRom: Black DVD-ROM Case: ASPIRE X-QPACK-BK/420 Black Computer Case With Side Panel Window - Retail HD: 160GB IDE The system is fully assembled, and has been running OSx 10.4.1 with full hardware support for about a month. In total it cost me about $400, but I'll sell it for $250 + S&H (probably about $270). E-Mail me at wise@wiredgeek.net if your interested...
  11. I've poked around with them, without any luck. Can you check what yours are and post them?
  12. I didnt see any, which was wierd... I also just installed an AGP ATI 9700 Pro 128MB card and it looks like its working great. I may just keep this card in here instead... *edit*: er its stuck at 1280x1024, i cant get it up to 1600x1200.. that is not good
  13. For some reason when the 8f1099 build of 10.4.3 boots up and it loads the Intel Graphics drivers, the whole screen goes kind of garbled. If I boot into Safe Mode everything works, but obviosuly alot of the drivers aren't loaded up. Has anyone else had this prob? Is there some easy fix for it, or is 8f1099 broken on the ASRock P4Dual-915 motherboard?
  14. Possible Nforce 3 UDMA Fix

    I implemented the patch from the ISO image (from another thread, and I cant find it right now) -- and it works great if you only have 1 hard drive on your primary chain. Unfortunately, once I put a 2nd hard drive on the chain (configured properly with master/slave settings), it panics on boot. Anyone else experience this?