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  1. 10.5.6 Released!

    Hi, After installing pc efi v9 and dsdt patcher, I updated to 10.5.6. Then, reboot and freeze. I am using Voodoo kernel RC1. My machine freezes after the message of "MAC Framework successfully initialized. using 10485 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers". As far as I know, after the message, "ACPI state [s0 S1 ...]" should be shown up. But it does not. Before updating to 10.5.6, I was using Leo4Allv4 updated to 10.5.5. My laptop is Toshiba Satellite M45-S355 whose CPU supports only SSE2. Please give me any clues to resolve this stuck. Thanks.
  2. I tested patched iso. It did not work. mushr00m: By the way, did you actually changed the files in the directory you mentioned? I tried to find whether there are any differences between original files (Info.plist and Info.plist.orig) and modified ones. I only checked file size. I did not see any difference.