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  1. This is really bizarre. As per the instructions found at http://www.insanelymac.com/lofiversion/ind...hp/t122497.html I installed the RTL8102E driver found at http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...01E/RTL8102E-GR to get the wired Ethernet hotplugging working. For some unknown reason this fixed my battery display! I'm also getting correct battery readings in the System Profiler (it's telling me the correct charge info and brand of the battery). Looking at the package it seems only to contain the AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext. So now I have a MacBook Mini...erm...Acer Aspire ONE with everything except sleep and the card slots working perfectly. YES!!!!
  2. Just found out something else interesting. Looking at the Energy Saver preferences, the battery charge will not go above 50%. The reason? Have a look at this line from the System Profiler output (from my post above) It turns out that my Acer Aspire ONE has a 2200mAh battery. Perhaps this is related?
  3. First of all, many thanks to Chun Nan for all his work. I am running 10.5.5 on an Acer Aspire ONE (a.k.a. a MacBook Mini ). Vanilla kernel, PowerManagement.bundle from the .zip file posted in this topic (10.5.4 is included in the .zip file, I used that one. I wonder if that could be the source of the problem) and AppleACPIBatteryManager b15. In the Energy preferences I get the Battery option and I also get the battery charge percentage. Howeever in the menubar icon I get the icon with the X on top. The System Profiler is interesting: Battery Information: Model Information: Manufacturer: 11 sppower_battery_model: BAT1 Charge Information: Charge below critical level: No Charge below warning level: No Charge remaining (mAh): 643 Fully charged: No Charging: No Full charge capacity (mAh): 4400 Health Information: Cycle count: 0 Battery Installed: No Amperage (mA): -1098 Voltage (mV): 10493 As you can see, it shows all the battery info. However, it says the battery is NOT installed, which is bizarre. I am attaching my ioreg_sp in case it's useful. Again, thanks for all the work! ioreg_sp.txt
  4. I've found another RapidShare link for ALC268FIX: http://rapidshare.com/files/132209637/ALC268FIX.zip. Don't know how long it will be active, though.
  5. I've successfully done all of this and it works. If you try to suspend it will actually reboot and I haven't yet done the sound fix due to ALC286FIX not being available but otherwise things are working nicely. I do have some comments, though: - The keymap for non-US keyboards is slightly wrong. In my case (Spanish keyboard), the </> key does not work, its function turns up in the top-left key (in my case, ª/º). The problem here is that this key doesn't turn up anywhere and you use Alt/Option with it to access the backslash. After much hunting and pecking I found the backslash at Alt+Y. - The "Home" key is Alt/Option and Alt is Cmd. AltGr and the Windows "Menu" key don't seem to do anything - I am dual-booting Ubuntu using Grub and pc_efi. The Kalyway install didn't destroy my MBR so afterwards I was still able to boot into either OS X or Ubuntu. However, when using pci_efi, when you get to the place where you "hit F8 to stop Darwin start" (step 35, after upgrade to 10.5.3) instead of that you get to the 2nd prompt after Grub, where it says "hit any key to enter boot options" and THERE is where you key in "update -v" - In the "Fixing About this Mac" section step 3, also select ACPIBattery.kext and RealtekR1000.kext: - Without RealtekR1000.kext you won't have wired Ethernet available. The interface WILL show up but it will always show as disconnected even when you plug in a cable. en0 shows up as Gigabit-capable, however I tested a large (multi-GB) file transfer with cpio over AFS and the CPU maxes out at about 9 MBps (which is roughly 90 Mbps). - Without ACPIBattery.kext you won't have any battery monitoring (the menu extension for battery won't work) and the Energy Saver preferences won't show any battery info. The "estimated time remaining" gauge is currently going down faster than real-time but it might be a calibration problem. As soon as I have more info I'll report on actual battery running time as well as whether the time display gets corrected after calibration. (with Ubuntu I get 1:50 with the standard 3-cell battery). - After a reboot the battery info again disappears. I'm looking into it.
  6. ALC268FIX seems to have been taken down from RapidShare. I haven't been able to find it elsewhere. Any ideas? Could somebody please re-upload it elsewhere?