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    OSX 10.7 Lion on P5Q Pro Turbo

    I have p5q pro as well with ati4870 512mb, 8g 800mhz data , all Sata media storage and DVD everything working except sleep. Not quite success using Sticky post mehthods, followed another guide in this forum ,got my hackple successfully running lion. Graphic and my pci asus wifi card with boradcom chip work OOB, LAN and alc1200 working after very little tweak ...., Even got trim enabled on my Ocz Vertex SSD with trim enabler...
  2. I guess P5Q is very much similar to my P5Q Pro. My Hackple is very much like yours (refer to my signature). I followed this post and got my P5Q Pro running Lion now. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=261528 It is kinda fully functional, sounds, network, Graphics accelerator (Starcraft II runs smoothly with everything set to high or extra) etc. Only thing I need to upgrade on the hardware side is to get a SATA DVD Rom i.e Pioneer DVR 219 to replace my IDE DVR211, as the Marvell IDE (or the APPLEVIAATA Kext) is no longer working under LION (I found my old 211 got better built quality and noise isolation than a 7-year-later replacement model), maybe there are work-arounds, I am just too lazy. Played around for 2 days. Running SL and Lion in parallel, I guess I will continue to stick to SL until: 1. the sound ALC1200 got a fully working Kexts under Lion, i.e. optical out working. (currently it is running on VoodooHDA, only green jack is working.) 2. tested that it can do 10.7.x updates as MACs do thru Software Update 3. Tested that Superduper can do complete backup for the whole Lion system and just need to re-install Chamelon manually 4. Safari can download file directly to my Fat32 formated "MAC Data" HDD (that I am sharing with my Win 7 system). Currently it can only save to a GUID and (even NFTS with Paragon NTFS loaded) formatted location, and report "cant access" when finish downloading. Interestingly Firefox does not have this issue. Cheers!
  3. A big thanks, I have trouble in installing Lion from all other guides out there but this. Now my hackple is roaring! Doing further house keeping e.g. getting ntfs r/w to work, updating lion version apps, finding best way for backup etc. Are u getting the digital out working with Voodoohda? no luck on mine. Also trying to figure out if I can get my SB Xifi sound card to work, at least the analog output.
  4. Thanks. However, when I tried to run it, after I input admin password, nothing happened thereafter...any suggestion?
  5. Thanks for this great guide. By far I reckon it is the best method I ever come across. Got it work on my netbook Lenovo S10. My S10 is now on 10.6 working around the fine tunes to get everything work properly. But have little problem on getting a Cham loader installed on my P5Q Pro setup. It stuck on the "installer: Upgrading at base path /Volumes/SnowLeoInstaller" Interesting same script but not working on diff machine...maybe due to the diff Kext placed on the folder or probably due to my USB Kext setting on P5Q machine . Will try to work around and report back.
  6. For those of you who curious to update thru system update to 10.5.8..... it works. But just need to reinstall the sound kext, and AHCI fix 2 to kick out the orange icon. for me I need to do something extra to bring my Smartscoll back... That's what I need to do which take me 15 minutes and done Again thankx Robert for building this retail P5Q install, work as if I am working on a real MAC my config that perfect running 10.5.8 p5q-pro 8 g Adata 800 ram OCZ Vertrx 60g SSD Asus ATI 4870 512M Asus 138 v2 WiFi G PCI adaptor Intel Q9450 . Enjoy.
  7. Hardwares? Have you installed retail version or other distros? Have you made any backup before updating your hackintosh?
  8. Had updated to 10.5.7 thru apple soft udpate... Ati 4870 ram speed Lan wifi usb Bluetooth everything work fine but sound is gone and ACHI fix is gone CPU info become unknown again simply reinstall the sound Kext and ACHI fix, and run OSx86 tools cpu id fix will bring your perfect hackintosh back. Enjoy!
  9. Got the same issue, using transmission, it can never sustain up for 10-15 minutes even I limit the speed to 100K down 30k up. Tried out utorrent same case but will break the connection after 20 mins or so, then need to reboot. UPDATE: by installing the new updated kext, seems the connection problem has been solved, thanks! Great work!!!
  10. thanks guess so , should be something related to setting of programs. Though I am pretty sure my receiver able to detect different surround coding system.
  11. but seems I can't output DTS/(not tried dolby yet).....from vlc or the dvd player... any clue?
  12. thanks I things i got some setting wrong in my receiver. Working now. Great work!
  13. sorry That was a typo, should be ALC1200, i have p5q pro as wel not sure why mine one is not working.... thanks for your help,
  14. Oh sorry there is an issue from my P5Q-Pro mobo, it comes with the coaxial SPDIF output so, it is not a optical digital output. So I can;t get the digital out functioning as the kext I guess was being modified to with optical output, is that any chance to create a version that suit for ALC2000 with coaxial digital output interface? thanks
  15. yup I am too lazy to built dual boot so I did single boot for every disk, formatted my desktop with GUID for MAC. SSD is best for MAC with its compact size system files, since I see there is not much simple tweak need to be done except still not a must, turn off hibernate and spot light. Worth trying.