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  1. MCP61 High Definition Audio

    ok so bassically what you have to do is to remove all the kext that have have may tried to install heres the command line how to remove the kexts manually how to (works for me) MCP61 High Definition Audio AKA MS7301-Motherboard i guess MSI sudo -s (will prompt for password) then hit enter mount -uw / rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/AppleHDA.KEXT,HDAaudio.kext make sure u AppleAzaliaaudio.kext *this will delete all the kext from past installations and will not make a kernel crash 2nd install the package here attached the ALC883.PKG once its intalled install the VoodoHDA.pkg somehow ive cheked the folder System/Library/Extensions and was missing a kext the kext was AppleHDA.kext so if ur hackintosh panic enter in safe boot mode yn typing -X in the boot screen. login and delete the AppleHDA.kext then reboot Enjoy. hope u get it and hope it works for ppl over there finding a solution for this. other importan thing is that i found reading some post here ive noticed that is necesary to have the DSDT GUI PATCH in order to many devices work ive readed yesterday in some post or forum lspci.txt VoodooHDA.pkg.zip ALC883.pkg.zip
  2. yo jack layne hmm can you upload the 10.5.8 files in: www.thepiratebay.org www.mininova.org www.demonoid.com because when i try 2 download the delta update it ask me for premium acount [in your webpage] and those things will never work, the download always freezes and i cant get it thanks in advance
  3. there a package called "iDeneb Upgrade KIT rev 1" that contains iosubfamily.kext usb fix also i did the same have ipc 10.5.6 and upgrade to 10.5.7 i was searching how in the world fix the usb port the two things i did was install the upgrade kit installed the kernel 9.0.5 the rev 1.a from http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/ rev 1.0A then i reinstalled the seatbelt.kext and all back 2 normal again usb works again.
  4. SAA7130

    try finding the driver at philips official webpage or the manufacturer example i got the same chipset but the brand is encore electronics
  5. do not check that one then do a new install cheers! and try it.
  6. what about microsoft mouse ?

    yo you can visit the official microsoft site then go and click drivers download area find your keyb, mouse model then select osx driver then install it its a dmg file good luck.!