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  1. I finally got around to attempting this install today and was really excited at how straightforward to it was even considering how many other platforms I've put OSX on. However, in the end after following the guide to a tee, I have exactly the same scenario as this. I also cannot see anywhere in the bios where you can turn off the Intel sata controllers only the J-microns. I also noticed AHCI was enable in the revised bios, so I don't know if that had some impact on the install- I tried with it enabled afterwards and the result was the same anyway. Looks like I'm still stuck with R2E install.
  2. Dell M1730 iAtkos 4i Install

    Ok, I've been trying to get an install on my M1730 since mid last year. I just came across this thread. After trying many different installs from earlier Iatkos to 5i and also IPC, etc, I decided it give it go with 4i. Being as I haven't to date even been able to get to install I was pretty excited to see I 4i worked. So I followed what you've done. However on reboot I get the good 'ol no boot symbol after while. So now yet again I'm wondering what gives... edit: I decided to try switching off the ahci as per the m1330 guide and it worked. Will see how things go from here
  3. Good to know thanks. I've already grabbed a copy today. I'll give it go a bit later. It might work on my M1730 laptop as well, nothing else has to date.
  4. You mind sharing your bios settings for the Rampage II Extreme. I've done the standard turning off the extra cores, turning of cpu settings, but I can't get the Iatkos 5v disc to boot, it just loops. Either that or I need the IPC DVD. Thanks
  5. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    I've given up on my m1730 for the time being. I'm just running 10.5.2 on my m1330 instead, that's a piece of cake by comparison...
  6. LOL - I did this today! First time it was a must have to boot OSX on my M1330. One time I've ever felt there was a 'killer app' I needed OSX for..
  7. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    My striker 2 Extreme blew up a week and a half a go. I only had it going for about a week!! I've never lost an MB like that before- unbelievable.
  8. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    Ok now that could make the diff. Mind you I doubt it the DVD drive itself as I doubt I could have gotten to the boot up on the DVD if it was the DVD drive. Probably more like the medevel kext and the SATA HD. I hate stuffing around with extra kexts at darwin level, but I'll give it a shot over the weekend..thanks.
  9. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    By external, you mean install to and external USB HD yeah? I used to do that with my Dell laptops and some PC configs in the past. With that said, that won't get you past a complete lack of install disc boot up anyway. So I'm somewhat surprised you got the install disc to boot. This whole sata scenario annoys the {censored} out of me I went from a perfect SATA AHCI install, changed MBs to from INTEL chipset to NVIDIA and I'm back where I was with my last NVIDIA MB, it {censored} me.
  10. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    Well Iatkos 2.0 and booting with nforce kernel still left me with the old chestnut of an issue from a motherboard I had last year that I thought I put behind me with my previous motherboard...'still waiting for root device'. I don't know, obviously there's a driver issue there as well now... Alex99, I'm not sure why I'm getting this issue on the Striker II extreme and you are not. I am running totally in SATA, 3 HDs and 1 DVD-R. There is no AHCI option on these boards other than raid, which I'm thinking about moving to now I've got Vista back up.
  11. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    great to hear. I will have a go tonight and see if I can get back in action. I have DDR3 + E8400 CPU.
  12. Nforce 790i Motherboard

    I'm in the same boat I just screwed my perfect install on Asus Formula intel based MB cause I bought the Striker II Extreme with 790i. I also have screwed my Vista install which is unusual enough in itself, but I can go fresh there. I'm annoyed to have upgraded myself out of a near flawless install I had up till now, all cause my memory died last week and decided to upgrade! Hope things catch up soon, but sounds like I'm again back in osx hiatus for the time being. Perhaps time to install on my upcoming m1330 laptop in the meantime!
  13. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    Well as you can probably guess seeing as I didn't come back in flash to report any success, I haven't had any with Kaly 10.5.2. If anything I can't even get as far booting the DVD as I could with Kaly 10.5.1, let alone IATKOS. I tried all the DVD boot kernel options, made no diff whatsover. So I'm not sure where to from here frankly... Try to fix the safe mode only existing Zephy install or what..
  14. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    No worries, if I have good results I'll be straight back to report. Either way I'll post again by tomorrow.
  15. Kernal Panic? Nvidia related?

    I take it your asking me re Kalyway 10.5.2? By link, you mean source? If so refer to this site's front page. I can't quote any install options personally yet since as mentioned earlier today, I have to wait till I get home later to have a go at installing it first..