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  1. chuckcalo

    TV Out ?

    I have a X1950XT, is Tv Out working ? I read somwhere I had to buy an adapter from Apple so I was wondering if you can do it now without the adapter? Thank you.
  2. chuckcalo

    [How To] 5.1 Surround Sound

    Hello, I need help setting up my ALC888 with 5.1 channels. I followed a guide for Aggregate Devices and I set all the channels to their current speaker however I'm still getting 2 channels output from aggregate device. Any suggestion ?
  3. Is the Audigy SE working with these drivers? Because I can't get it to work.
  4. chuckcalo

    Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    Ok, Hibernate totally screwed up my system. Turns out I didn't restart the acer for like 3 days and I made a lot of modifications those days still there was a hibernate file created last time I restarted the acer so then I went restart it and I was back to my desktop 3 days ago and I was sure I was done. I shut down the acer and boot up but it wouldn't. So if you ever create a sleepimage remember to delete it before you restart.
  5. chuckcalo

    Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    Hey, any update on the "no audio after waken up" issue?
  6. chuckcalo

    x19x0 driver 10.5.6

    I got it to work, I deleted all the related kexts from the Extensions folder, reboot then installed them again (6 in total, including Natit.kext) with Osx86tools rebooted and voila.
  7. chuckcalo

    Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    I'm using iAktos 5i updated to 10.5.6. I'm just going to install iPC on my Aspire One since I really want that Hibernation function to work. I'm going to take advantage to make a quick question here; Is there a way to "backup" my configuration and install a different distro and put my configuration back? I heard about CarbonCopyCloner, will that work or would I just save my files and will have to re-configure my system again ?
  8. chuckcalo

    Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    I'm also getting a KP when using "Hibernate". Followed all instructions, even deleted sleepimage with no luck.
  9. chuckcalo

    AnV XNU Kernel V1.4

    Does cpus=2 work with this kernel? I know it does with Voodoo Kernel.
  10. chuckcalo

    x19x0 driver 10.5.6

    It shows as Software instead of Hardware, how can I fix this ?
  11. Just get a Dell 1390 for $10 Shipped, I got tired of this "method". Too many kernel panics, so I just bought a dell 1390 off ebay. That's your solution.
  12. chuckcalo

    Acer Aspire One A150: iPC OSx86 10.5.6

    I can't get Deep Sleep to work, I always get a KP. I'm using iAktos 5i updated to 10.5.6.
  13. chuckcalo

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    mercurysquad, can you give us any word regarding a new version of voodoo kernel? It's been almost 2 months since last release. Thanks in advance.
  14. chuckcalo

    Apple Red theme release

    I tried removing the dark menu bar so I put the backup files back again but my menu bar is not transparent anymore.