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  1. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Thanks a lot for the driver, if it does work you need some serious respect! I tried this driver on my 5100 it installs and seems to detect it as a ethernet port but I can't do anything more, it just says that the network is unplugged. I tried the network selector but it doesn't find anything, what am I doing wrong here? And why is the wireless recognised as an ethernet?
  2. I have a sony FW with the 3470 card, seeing as full screen res works will it be possible to get QE/CI working or is it impossible. Is this project advancing and continuing? I am a complete noob to mac and driver creation but from what I understand this driver is a framebuffer, the only real problem with most HD cards is the framebuffer, if you manage to get this working correctly is there a chance for drivers to be created? Please forgive my lack of knowledge
  3. ATI Radeon HD pkg installers 10.5.x & 10.6

    waiting for the hd3470 drivers for leopard, also on a sony fw series, this would make a great hackbook, it already has the same looks! any progress on this card?
  4. Hey macoff, does everything other than the graphics work, i.e sound, touchpad, keyboard etc. I hear a driver for that ati card is in development but they've been saying that for a while now so i don't know if its true. This ati card issue is the only thing stopping me from buying this beautiful laptop, how is the display at the moment without a driver, does it even run on the internal display or did that screenshot come off an external monitor? Help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. Atomik