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  1. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I Gogetta, you said you have a dsdt hack for the hotkeys.... can you share it ? thanks a lot
  2. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Snow retail is working fine in 1201nl... just finished my hack, put a dell 1510 wifi card, an intel ssd 80 go and dual boot with Ubuntu netbook edition 10.04... everythings is working, sleep/wakeup with sleepwatcher, sound with voodooHDA. didn't try ehternet...
  3. remplacer un mac mini, oui mais avec quoi ?

    Amha et vu mon expérience (mac mini simple core duo, appletv flashée avec une broadcom crystal installée), ma meilleur expérience reste à ce jour mon asrock ion 330 sous xubuntu + xbmc, vdpau activé, xorg.conf optimisé grace au script que l'on trouve dans les forums d'xbmc + telco chinoise à 10 euros trouvée sur ebay et mappée sur mon harmony. C'est la machine qui est branchée sur mon vp panasonic ptax200 : fluidité parfaite grace au support du 24hz, 1080p encaissé sans problème par la petite bête, pas chère et réactive. Je garde mon ATV pour le plasma pana, notamment pour l'accès facile à yourtube (tchoupi et cie pour ma fille), l'itunes store (bien qu'étant très VOST, j'achète peu) et les séries tv. Pour les BR, je préfère un vrai lecteur BR pour avoir le vrai son HD (j'ai un sony bdp 550 acheté pas cher avec les décodeurs HD internes et sorties analogiques : pas besoin de changer d'ampli...)
  4. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    /private/etc with terminal : open /private/etc/ (the finder will open) For ethernet, you can do like that /sbin/kextunload path_to_the_kext/AtherosL1cEthernet.kext (i don't know where is the kext : /System/Library/Extensions/ or /Extra/Extensions/)
  5. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Thanks malone46844!!!! As simple as delete appleHDA in S/L/E : now almost everything is working on my 1201NL (shutdown is working but seems to have an error message about it in verbose mode when reboot) Sleep/wake with sleepwatcher (power button, menu and lid), sound is working (voodoo 2.6.1 for me from project os x) Don't try ethernet : dont need. Now : buy 1510 dell and try double boot osx/netboot remix 10.04 Thanks to everyone PS : Thanks Pangul. Your were the one who gave me the clue to resolve the sleep/wake problem.
  6. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I tried the same thing with my 1201NL, desactivate sound in bios and ... sleep/wake is working fine now... VoodooHDA.kext is no more loaded. I'm gonna try the sleepwatcher method : same result as Pangul. VoodooHDA.kext is unloaded before sleep and sleep is working but on wake up, kernel panic when trying to reload the kext
  7. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Same problem here with the 1201NL : tried many things but no luck with sleep/wake. Dumped the 1201NL dsdt with command line tools (ubuntu), applied patches from 1201N dsdt but always no sleep/wake... Still looking for a way to fix it : the annoying thing with 1201nl is the lack of Usb legacy support option in the bios setup utility...
  8. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    Updated my 1201NL to 10.6.3 and no luck : sleep is still not working... tried to boot in verbose mode but still not working... any ideas? PS : in the 1201NL bios no usb legacy option, only USB support and USB2 support enabled... do i have to disable these options?
  9. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    So me to, thanks to everyone who have made possible to install Snow on my 1201NL. For the moment, i'm staying in 10.6.2 and everything is working except hotkeys and sleep : it goes to sleep but impossible to wake up. Il will try to update it to 10.6.3 and put the new sleepenabler.kext to /E/E. My old medion akoya 10.5.4 can rest in peace now. Thanks to everyone.
  10. Asus 1201N Installation and support

    I everybody. I tried to use this tutorial to install osx on my 1201NL, the N270 single core version of the 1201N; But no luck for the moment : KP each time I try to boot. Be able to boot on the snow installation usb key, process the installation but that's all for the moment... When i try to boot on my newly installed internal drive, i've got the white screen with the apple logo and then kernel panic. If someone have an idea.... PS : OK it's done just used the terminal and "cp 1201N.dsdt.aml 1201NL.dsdt.aml" in the Extra folder : no more KP now let's go to 10.6.2
  11. Greats jobs guys, But as i want to use my asrock as a mediacenter, i will wait before installing Snow on it... Wait for an upgraded PERIAN and why not a voodooHDA.kext with 5.1 Back to xubuntu and XBMC which are working so fine on asrock as HD mediacenter I will continue to follow this thread Thanks a lot for all your advices and how to
  12. An atom 330 CAN'T decode 1080p without the help of the gpu, that's it... and you can't use gpu (on linux, windows or osx or whatever) for decoding flash HD (for now). That's why i'm very curious to know if quicktime X (and then peraphs Frontrow) is using the 9400M to decode 1080p
  13. First I just tried PLEX, not any other apps. And I went to the utilities folder, used the audio and midi utility to check audio output, configured the speakers... I will try itunes tonight, just to see. So with snow, you lost hyperthreading... Did you try to play HD content with Quicktime X which is supposed to use hardware decoding with the geforce 9400 (opencl)?
  14. For the moment I'm staying in 10.5.6 and have installed VoodooHDA.kext and through PLEX and SPDIF output connected to a yamaha receiver, the sound is almost perfect (stereo and 5.1). Some movies have ugly sound but most of them have great sound perahps i need a little bit more power to read my 720p movies (depends on the bitrate) need to overclock the atom but i'm a completely newbie in overclocking so if someone can share his overclocking presets i'm using a old keyspan receiver with one apple remote and remote buddy (certainly the greatest software for media center on osx) i continue my tests ps : with xbmc live usb stick on linux, even 1080p are easy to read (thanks vpau)