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    sorry man, these aren't the VLC support forums.
  2. FS: eVGA 7900GT + 2 17" LCDs

    These puppies are in great condition. I have one that is branded as Liquid Video and the other is an IBM Lenovo Monitor. The Liquid Video is 2.5 years old with 0 dead/stuck pixels and no blacklight bleed. The {censored} is in amazing condition and the quality of the sucker can't be beat. The IBM L171 is .5 years old with 0 dead/stuck pixels andno blacklight bleed. The quality isn't as good as the Liquid Video but the build quality is great. Image is good, not as bright and crisp as the previous monitor. I am asking $90 each. You get the power supply/cables/etc. Shipping isn't included in the price. If I can find someone's camera I'll finagle a picture. LMK guys! Pictures @ www.thespazz.net/linked/lcd Also, an eVGA 7900GT 256mb 256-Bit. It is in EXCELLENT condition. It is the second memory revision, not the ones that fried and died. I want to sell it for $170 + Shipping. (Negotiable) LMK! Please let me know if I am charging too much. Appreciate it! E-Mail: jbadal@gmail.com [preferred] or justin.badal@pacbell.net Heatware: teh_spazz I will respond to email faster than PM.
  3. Desktop folder being created on drives.

    Thanks man, worked perfectly!
  4. Desktop folder being created on drives.

    :-/ I had problems. Guess I'm gonna get superduper from now on. While I'm here, I can't write to a second partition on my main harddrive. Everytime I do, I have to authenticate. Any way to get around it?
  5. I keep getting a folder being created on my harddrives called "Desktop". Once I delete it, it recreates itself and just won't go away. I can't write to a second partition on my main harddrive. Everytime I do, I have to authenticate. Any way to get around it? After installing the security update I was getting some really funky finder action. Right clicking three or four times would freeze then restart finder. I checked the crash log and it has to do with QuickTime...the Security Update. I've heard of a myzar patch but that seems to be for the 2006-007 sec. update. Specs: Intel Core Duo T2400 2GB Ram Intel GMA950 (The rest should be superfluous) edit: I'm asking a bunch of questions and keeping it in one thread. The title is the target question.
  6. Natit for Nvidia with dual display

    Does this driver successfully control the fan speeds? I have a 7900GT. Thanks