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  1. I have the 0769-B2G and the Go7300 with a 1680x1050 panel is gorgeous under Leopard
  2. feyeleanor

    problem installing on Lenovo 3000 N200

    Use Kalyway 10.5.1 but don't select the vanilla kernel options. The install should then go fine, although you'll be left with non-functioning sound (search the forums here).
  3. Thanks for the extra info. The 800MHz version is coming down in price so I might take the plunge - maybe even stick a 250GB HDD in and multi-boot with Vista
  4. feyeleanor

    Recommended mATX motherboard?

    The ASRock Conroe 945-G is a very good board and works a treat with Tiger, although I recall having to edit the audio kext. There's lots of help here on the forums for this particular board and I'd highly recommend it. I also have a newer Intel DQ965GF which I've played with Leopard Kalyway 5.1 on. The onboard Ethernet doesn't work and I've not tried the X3100 as I installed with a GeForce 7600. I haven't tested sound etc. as I've not had time but it looks promising.
  5. feyeleanor

    Leopard server?

    Assuming Leopard Server works the same way as previous versions all you will need from the Server install disk are the packages that are different from standard OS X and you can install these like you would any other .pkg or .mpkg file - i.e. double click on the .mpkg file. The Server components will then be added to your Leopard install. You will of course need your own valid license key...
  6. I'm currently considering buying one of these and I was wondering if you've had any success with the touchscreen and FSB/RTC? Also what's the battery life/power management support like?
  7. You might like to add a link back to the other thread with the Radeon 7500 pack as a convenience. Also, when I unzip the included archive on my X31 the only files included are the RadeonTool.kext in the Extensions folder and the Readme file - there appears to be nothing in the Frameworks folder. Is this correct?
  8. I've recently upgraded to the Philips X53 model (which appears to be identical except for a T2050 Core Duo processor) and am very impressed. The size is much smaller than a MacBook, which for me was the main consideration, and the build quality is good: not as good as the Thinkpad X31 that it's replaced, but as a Hackintosh it's a better system: 1. Sleep works perfectly and the battery gives me between 90 and 180 minutes depending upon load 2. The SATA HDD is nice and speedy 3. The GMA950 gives you all the Core Image eye-candy 4. DVD-RW works beautifully with Toast 5. Audio supported with the Azalia kext 6. ExpressCard 37/54 7. Hard switch for turning wireless card on and off 8. The processor is socketed for easy upgrade >8D There are a few negatives: 1. Only one SO-DIMM slot, so it's limited to 1GB for now 2. Unsupported Intel a/b/g Mini-PCIe (not Mini-PCI) wireless so you'll either need a new adaptor 3. JaS 10.4.8 crashes before launching the installer so I'm running JaS 10.4.7 4. Disk Utility crashes when trying to burn disks 5. Unsupported firewire controller 6. Unsupported MMC card reader 7. No video mirroring I'm currently looking into the firewire controller and video mirroring.
  9. feyeleanor

    MSI S270

    One of my systems is an S270 and it has a number of shortcomings as an OSX machine. A number of ongoing projects may help you get more hardware support, but it's a slow process. The Radeon Xpress 200M is somehow different to the X300 family and will not provide QE or CI - you can get resolution switching with the Callisto FB but in my experience this only works with build 003; There is a preliminary sound driver but it doesn't work yet with the S270; The Intel 2200bg wireless project has yet to release a driver; The RTL8139 only seems to work with MacOS versions through 10.4.5; I don't know of anyone looking into the cardreader. Sorry this isn't a more positive post, but if you really want to use the S270 as a Hackintosh I'd recommend getting a Broadcom MiniPCI wireless (BCM4306 should work) and a USB audio device. Oh, and you won't be able to run iWork or some of the iLife apps on this machine.
  10. I've been using mine as my primary machine for about nine months now, ever since my G4 PB died. I'm about to buy a new laptop (maybe a MacBook, maybe not) and then play with OS X Server on the X31
  11. I run a very similar system (except I have Broadcom wireless ) and I think your problem is probably power-management related. In System Preferences -> Energy Saver set your machine to Better Performance when on mains power and this will stop it trying to enter sleep mode (which doesn't work on OS X due to Apple's removal of ACPI power management from the kernel). If you search the forums for ACPI Power Management you will find a thread with a replacement power management bundle that at least stops the crashing and displays the battery status in the menu bar. Also Google for CPUThrottler and RadeonTool: the former will add minor clock throttling (on mine it only swaps between 1.4GHz and 1.2GHz) whilst the latter allows display blanking to turn off the backlight. Unfortunately the lack of power management means that the X31 only lasts about 50 mins to 1 hour on a 4400 mAH battery and when I'm using mine as a mobile system I usually stick a media-bay battery in the media slice as well to get 2 hours of use. This is pretty bad considering the same rig runs for 6.5 hours under Windows
  12. Works nicely on a Thinkpad X31, and with RadeonTool allows the display to go to sleep. Looks like I won't be needing X-Charge anymore