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  1. How do you guys download so fast... I'm stuck between 10 and 30 kb/s...
  2. I've got five seeders..... currently...
  3. Post edited due to implied violation of the DMCA. Posting that in anyway implies a violation of the DCMA will not be permitted in this forum. See Forum Rules for more information.
  4. Well, despite the fact that now we know the leak of the full DVD may not change the situation, we should still pay attention to anything that might be useful for all of us. Hope it's true
  5. Donate toward a Developers Kit

    Really? Great! Then I can send the donation! I'll go work on it right now. Thanks xSuRgEx! I agree with you too. But I think it's better to donate thru Paypal if possible. I'll donate as soon as possible!
  6. Rosetta Kernel uses TCPA

    I think that currrently, in these dev machines, Apple implemented TC in Rosetta to make sure that people won't succeed in what we are doing right now, trying to run the GUI on non-Apple hardware. And of course there would be performance penalty in the GUI so the performance of the current Tiger intel is still a bit far from the real Mactels we will see next year(if the first releases are projected next year). The performance of the dev machines are not so important since they are for developers to develop mactel enabled programs beforehand, and Apple strictly announced that no performance report should be done using these machines. I believe that real mactels will have native implementations of the GUI, and maybe a more strict TCPA lock on some other crucial programs to prevent the retail version of Mac OS X for mactel to be run on non-Apple hardware. These are my own opinions of course.
  7. Donate toward a Developers Kit

    I would really LOVE to donate, but I don't have a credit card so I can't use paypal. I am not in US so I wouldn't be applicable for the offers either, and the fees for wire transfer is too expensive. Is there a way I can send USD money thru postal mail? I really want to help the community to make progress in this.