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  1. So.. There is no way to use hd + dvd on x64 using AppleNForceATA. right?.
  2. I just realize that many of my networks drops are related to itunes. (When itunes is running drops are more frequent). Anyone reach any solution? M
  3. Display goes black

    Same card here and same problem. (And i'm using DVI). If you switch to no-fullscreen mode, the game works. But in full screen display goes black. Any idea why?
  4. I'm also running on a P5NSLI. There must be something with this mobo and hackintosh. I'm using leopard retail / Vanilla kernel. M
  5. I have the same problem with different network cards. * RLT8139 * 3Com * Onboard NVidia I think it had to be something related to my motherboard. Anyway there is no fix right?. Also we don't know what is causing those drops. M
  6. consolation: Which SMBIOS are you using?. I'v the same drop problem.