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  1. I've installed 10.5.8 ideneb lite on my system and it all went in perfectly...all but the video. I selected the stock 950 on install, but after install, it can't tell me what kind of video card i have. What's odd is that, when installing the 950 drivers, i have to select all 3 (desktop, special, laptop) or else i end up with a total blank on reboot. I get the generic 1024x768 and i need 1280x800. The card's hardware ID is: 27a2 I know there are, literally, 100s of posts about my card and how to fix it and, believe me, i've been following as many as i could find but they only lead to two outcomes. (This is, of course, after i apply all the fixes people say will work on my card). On the reboot i get a blue screen and nothing else. On the reboot i get a black screen and nothing else. I've seen stuff about the "making a 945gm think it's a 950gm" and people all saying "these kexts will works" and it never does. All that seems to happen is i get a really annoying nothing of a screen on my reboot and well...it's getting old. I've installed my share of OSX makes from back in the day but this one is totally eluding me. I'm almost positive if i can find a 10.5.6 fix it should work on the 10.5.8 but can't be 100% sure. Can anyone shed a light on this?
  2. immortalsoule

    Kyklops fix for audio AppleAC97CodecAD198x.kext

    I dunno if it matters to anyone but i first installed this soundchip way back at Leo4All v3 and used the default AC97 driver. When installing 10.5.6, i went back to it and installed it and it worked like magic.
  3. You know, i've got a DV6338se model and i was wondering: Did you have to boot, several times, due to hang-ups in the installation boot? Also, afterward, how long did a boot usually take you? Mine would take up to 6 mins when it would boot at all. I've never tried an install as clean as you're talking about but i just wondered if you had any "side-effect" problems before and after the installation so i won't feel like a loner with my issues? Oddly enough, i've got an HP 550 also and it installed like it was MADE for MacOSX. I'm thinking because most of the hardware was Intel. MacOSX loves intel graphics, ethernet, and audio.