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  1. Massive Problem..

    it may be the version of creative suite that i installed? cs2.. but it happened right after the install.. and i just installed like any other average person would.. so... anywayz.. this is for people who have the same problem.. its just not me... many other people have experienced it to.. check the apple site..
  2. Massive Problem..

    I FIGURED OUT THE PROBLEM! its because of ADOBE!.. and i found it can be caused by 2 things.. the may 15 update.. as well as by installing adobe photoshop these 2 things both install a thing called versioncue.. and it does not work with intel macs.. so it completely screws up the whole os.. u have to boot into safe mode and delete from the /library/startupitems/ folder.. and vwa la... its gone
  3. Massive Problem..

    not helpin.. anyone?
  4. Massive Problem..

    oops.. i forgot to mention.. i was installing creative suite 2 for MAC OS X.. meaning everything i did was on tiger.. nothing to do with windows xp..
  5. Massive Problem..

    Hi, does anyone here know what might be going wrong? i have bootcamp working and everything on my macbook pro, today i tried to install creative suite 2 with a few more apps running at the same time (tryin to test out the stability) it was good, but when i got to disc 2 with creative suite 2... the whole entire system froze.. i could move my mouse.. but EVERYTHING else was standstill.. i could not turn it off, i couldnt not type anything.. nothing.. its like a completely still screen except for the fact that i can move the mouse around.. i cant even click or right click.. so the only way i could go on here and ask for help was to shut it down the old way, by holding on to the power button.. i booted into windows with no problems.. then i tried rebooting back into mac.. and everything was working, except the windows partition doesnt show up!.. i say well.. maybe i can mount it again some how.. about 1 minute later the windows partition shows up! but the SAME EXACT freeze happens.. i can do anythin but move my mouse.. then i popped in the mac install disc and rebooted and went into disk utility.. and tried to repair it.. it said yeah there was a a problem.. and it repaired it.. thats what it said.. then after its all finished i booted into mac to see if its back to normal.. it does it again! i doesnt show the windows partition.. untill 2 minutes later and when it does show the whole system freezes except for the mouse.. can anyone help!? i cant risk to lose the files i have in my mac partition (this is very ironic.. cuz windows is suppose to be the one screwing up.. not mac.. lol especially on a mac product lol)
  6. Linking Itunes together

    i did use mac drive.. and i can see the mac drive no problems.. the only problem is making it so that both itunes library at the same.. it doesnt matter where the music is on ( mac or pc partition ) its the library of itunes.. itunes doesnt let u change where they use/save their library.. so we need to somehow be able to change that, or have both files linked so that they are always the same (if one is updated, the other will update as well)
  7. Linking Itunes together

    Hi, i was wondering if there was a way to link itunes in both tiger and windows (bootcamp) so that we dont waste space on duplicating the songs.. i found an article here.. http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...17272&hl=itunes it shows exactly how to do it, the problem is, my partition is a fat system, not ntfs so i cant link the folders in mac and pc together.. and i just found out after doing everything.. lol anywayz, is there a program to just link files together? i would rather just have it so the 2 libraries are always the same.. OR OR have is so that either the itunes in mac could only use the library i specify(i would then point it over to the pc and vice versa) anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  8. i did..i just would like to see some others maybe they made they're own, or have somethign different.. this could be like an archive..
  9. Changing the Boot Up Boot Camp Icons!

    i just switched my desktop hardrive with different icons, and it works in the boot loader! the only problem is, is that the mac hardrive icon i switched works fine, but the windows one shows as a normal hardrive icon( i have always switched it thought).. booting into mac again the 2 harddrives still had there icons, i dont understand why the windows one wont show up in bootloader..
  10. Does anyone here know how to change ALL the folder icons at the same time? Like, i would like it so that when its a folder, that icon that i chose before will be used instead of the plain blue one.. I know you can do it with software, but is it possible to do it without software( i really dont want background programs running)
  11. So does anyone here know how to change is so that when i boot up my macbook pro while holding alt, i get to see 2 different distinct hardrive icons? one for windows and one for xp? if no, does anyone know how to just change them all then? becuase i heard you can only change all the drives, and you cant seperate them.. would be neat
  12. I have bootcamp with Windows Media Center Edition installed.. and when im in mac os x, i have 2 hard drives showing right? so i want to change these icons so they are seperate, one being windows, and one being mac.. the problem is i havent been able to find any icon replacements that i like for them.. So if you have special icons for your partitions (one for windows and one for mac) please share them here, so that all users can have a choice for an icon they prefer.. so please post them here...
  13. im not 100% positive.. but im sure the shortcut icon for it is just another icon.. in that case, you can take the original icon from the original hardrive and apply it to the shortcut, to replace the shortcut icon.. you can do this simple by... click on get info for the shortcut hardrive, and the original hardrive, make sure both windows are open, then click on the icon on the original drive (the mini one at the top beside the name, not the big one below) and copy it (apple+c) and then click on the shortcut icon(again the small one at the top) and paste it (apple+v) and it should work..
  14. YES!.. finally i figured out the reason why my imac g5 is so slow at finder.. i have basically over half the desktop filled up,.. (and its a 20") now i finally figured out why its soo slow.. i removed and cleaned it up.. and its back to its normal original speed again THANKS
  15. nice! how did you find it? but anywayz, the point of this thread to let people know that you can basically install all windows as long as they are on one disc..