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  1. Thanks Mate its working now with above clover.zip. thanks very much.
  2. I tried it as above and boom panic!! Rebooted by the installation usb, I opened the clover/ACPI/PATCHED and delete the DSDT, reboot and it booted ok. I think its the DSDT which is not compatible with my rig. can you please get me a DSDT? thanks for your attention anyway. Attached are the table and the Ioreg incase you need them. THANKS AGAIN. tables.zip IOREG.zip
  3. Thanks for you attention, I unplugged all hard drives except the ssd. reformat it and reinstall High Sierra following your guide and now I can locate the EFI after installing clover bootloader, I've swapped the the clover in the EFI with your one but I deleted the DSDT in the ACPI folder and also edited the config.plist with clover configurator, it kind of running okay except sound. how can I get the sound to work especially the HDMI Audio. thanks again for your help.
  4. Hi MalD0n, hope you good, thanks for the excellent guide, I've got GA-H110M-S2H, with F20 bios. High Sierra on ssd 120gb and windows 10 on sata hd. I followed your guide and everything is ok to a point. am struggling with post installation, I've installed clover as per the guide but I can't locate the EFI drive and therefore the clover properties so I can replace them with your one. Attached are the tables and the Ioreg, I really need your help, am having sleepless night trying figure out where the f***ping EFI is. Am using the intel HD video and I want to use the HDMI audio as well if possible. thanks in advance. Send me Jeffrey’s iMac.zip
  5. Hi, I've got the same mobo as yours, were you able to fix your sound problem? can you help? thanks.
  6. 10.10.1 is out!

    ATI HD 5450 broke after update, any help any one?
  7. Hi I need your help pleassseee. just downloaded yosemite from app store but instead of the downloaded file in the application folder it is in the launchpad. i want to make usb installer with Pandora box, how can i move the downloaded install OS X Yosemite from the launchpad? thanks in advance.
  8. MSI AE2420 3D

    Hi, had anyone tried hackintosh on this AIO touch screen from MSI. I managed maverick on it with video working but can't find kexts for the sound and wireless. any help will be appreciated,
  9. Public beta in iso format

    problem sorted. it was App Store error, fixed it and was able to download the beta into the application folder.
  10. Hi, I do understand that you will need a copy of the public beta downloaded from apple in your application folder, my hackintosh verification failed when i tried downloading from apple with my apple id. I have got a copy but its in iso format, how can i get it into the application folder in the right format? Any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance.
  11. AMD HD5450

    HI i have ati 5450 as your card, id also the same 68f9, but whenever I install the above Archivio.zip I get kp. I have upgraded to 10.10.3. help please.
  12. ATI HD5450

    Thanks Fabio1971 followed ur link and now everything is working, if you have similar problem please ensure you have the original ati kexts and with text editor insert your card's id in the infoplist. Thanks again Fabio.
  13. ATI HD5450

    after upgrading to latest update my vga ati hd5450 is not working, need help please.
  14. HI need help to install snow or lion on this mobo ASUS P5QPL-VM EPU. this mobo has no AHCI in the storage configuration in the bios, i don't know if that is the problem, it can only boot hazard 10.6.6 to a few lines and then it will stuck. is any one running any distro at all on this mobo? please if you are can you help. i have installed the modified bios and still no success. need help. SPECS ARE: ASUS P5QPL-VM EPU ATI SAPHIRE RADEON 4550 SAMSUNG 250GIG HD SAMSUNG 2GIG MEMORY SATA DVDRW
  15. via vt1708s

    hi just wandering if any one been able to get the asus via vt1708s sound card to work without the hissing and the volume slider working with lion? will be very happy if any one can help especially with the slider. thanks in advance.