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  1. I just wanna thank Albert for writing this. I'm installing SL on Vmware fusion running on a Mac pro and everything's going fine. I had some failed installations, first on my hackintosh and then on Ubuntu 10.04 running Vmware player, all the time I was getting the forbidden sing on the installation. But well, it seems that the problem was on the Os image I was using. I took my retail SL out of the box and now everything's going fine. thanks a lot!
  2. Hello There! Does anyone knows if this works also for vmware player on linux? thanks in advance!
  3. Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    Hello there! I'm having problems trying to get QE/CI working on 10.6.4. I have an old Geforce 7200GS. It worked flawlessly on 10.6.1 with NVEnabler 64 but after updating I lost the graphic card. Now i can choose all the supported resolutions using NVInject but can't get QE/CI working. Added my DeviceID to GeForce.kext, NVDANV40Hal.kext and NVDAResman.kext. Any ideas are welcomed!
  4. I've updated to 10.6.3 and lost my video card. Now computer boots into a blank blue screen. I was using NVEnabler_64.kext on 10.6 with a XFX geforce 7200gs without problems. Any ideas are welcomed!!
  5. Anyone got this working under snow leopard? It works fine on my 10.5.8 partition but wasn't able to get it to work on 10.6
  6. Hey! Thanks for the guide, it worked perfectly! I have 10.5.8 installed in another partition and been using OS X in my computer for two years now without major problems. So i was kind of lazy to start again with SL, but then i found your guide and now i have a working SL partition . I was able to use full res with the nv enabler kext. Now i have to get my wusb54g working and update. thanks again! Edit: Well i have a few problems that are not related to the SL installation which went fine. In my computer i've installed also Win XP, Ubuntu and OsX 10.5.8 on the same drive. I used grub to boot the three Os'. Now i'd installed SL on a different drive following this guide and found out that chamelon can't boot XP or Ubuntu that reside on the other drive. I've wiped out grub now cause i don't know if i'll keep my ubuntu installed, but i'd like to be able to boot XP from Chameleon...any ideas are welcomed!! thnx
  7. time machine

    Hello there, i'm having the same problem with time machine after updating to 10.5.8 with the apple combo upgrade, i tried trashing NetworkInterfacePreferences.plist and preferences.plist to no avail. any suggestion is welcomed.
  8. 10.5.8 System Profiler Fix

    Thank bro!
  9. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    Hello again, i reported a couple of days back that everything went well updating ideneb 10.5.6 to 10.5.7, well i just found out that my external usb drives won't mount. usb works though as i can sync my iphone no problem. The drives show up in system profiler but i can't see them using disk utility at all. I'm looking for a solution...any help is welcomed! EDIT: I solved it system.kext version didn't mach kernel version so i just had to replace it for a new one... cheers mates!
  10. iDeneb Combo Upgrade KIT 10.5.7

    Hello there! i updated my ideneb 10.5.6 with the combo upgrade and everything went well, at first boot the machine restarted itself so i booted again in verbose mode and got to my desktop, in the beginning the hdd icons were orange but after i restarted once again everything went back to normal, i just had to apply the about this mac fix for my processor to appear there. My hardware is the following: CPU: Intel Core2 Quad Processor Q6600 MOBO: Intel DG33TL Memory: KINGSTON 6GB DDR2 800 GPU:XfX geforce 7200gs Sound card: MOTU traveler hope the info helps somebody, love this forum cheers mates! edit: oh i forgot i'm using vanilla kernel and original Applesmbios...
  11. Ralink usb wireless utility won't run

    Solved it! i found the solution in the same topic that i posted before. Using the belkin driver
  12. Hello everybody! I wonder if anyone has come across this problem. I installed Ideneb 1.4 in my pc a couple o f days ago and i must say it works really good!. I have a linksys wusb54g usb wireless adapter. I installed the OS including the ralink 2500 usb drivers included with ideneb. Then i got the system to "see" my adaptor following this tutorial > http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55041 The problem i have is that the ralink usb wireless utility does not open, i double click it but nothing happens. It never worked since i installed the system. so now i can't configure the adapter to log into my network. I hope someone can help me with this problem. thanks in advance!!! my specs: Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 Intel Desktop Board DG33TL KINGSTON KVR800D2N5K2/2G 2GB DDR2 800 PC-6400 2KT couple of sata WD hard drives LG sata DVD/RW