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  1. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Osx install is running from datastore, whn you say uninstall and reinstall, do you mean Osx? The unlocker or ESXi? Thanks
  2. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I am connecting through vclient to the host running OSX, I am using vcenter to do anything on this host, in fact I shut down the other host and removed the host from vcenter and administered the OSX host through vclient directly and the same issue is still apparent
  3. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    I am running a couple of identical ESXi servers with vcenter
  4. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    The VM's were all existing VM's, 10.8.2 was a fresh install, I will try a new install of a non working OS, the non working currently are a mixed bag, Ubuntu 12.04 Windows server 2008, Xp, Windows 7, Openindiana
  5. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    Thanks for reply MSOK, managed to get OSX 10.8.2 installed on ESXi 5.1 (799733) but having problems in that I am unable to start other VMS on the host I get a general error unable to start VM this is for all other vms PC is a Gigabyte P67A U3 B3 32gb i7 2600k
  6. ESXi 5 Mac OS X Unlocker

    After struggling to get osx running on 4.1 I have upgraded to 5.1 applied the patch 1.10 from ssh ./install.sh rebooted mounted installesd.dmg when I start machine I get a general error the vm could not be started please can someone point me in the right direction 7 days of 4.1 and now day on 5.1 is not the best fro my sanity
  7. ESXi 4.1 Snow leopard or Lion

    Can anyone upload the final version of the darwin.iso vmware-darwin310-macosx1064, searched high and low the above a version was the version prior to the final release, would greatly appreciate your help
  8. ESXi 4.1 Snow leopard or Lion

    Thanks will crack on
  9. ESXi 4.1 Snow leopard or Lion

    Thanks much appreciated, although struggling to download the iso from 1st link it just drops down through directories to raw file listings, I have downloaded from the second link and I am going to try and use that, I'll report back, thanks again for the links
  10. Having read extensively to try and get my head around installing the above I have hit a brick wall.... I am unable to find any working links to donks Darwin iso to get me started, I know MSOK will be along to point me in the direction of either his consolidated threads which are great but the links to the ISo are dead, or to tell me to upgrade to ESX 5.0 which is not an option, I did consider installing ESX 5.0 as a vm in 4.1 and then osx con the ESX 5 vm but figured it was getting complicated and that performance would be awful I will be looking to build SL or LIon on top of an existing. ESXI 4.1 install 2 hosts P67a u3 b3 I7 2600K 32gb ram Both are identical apart from one has a raid controller being passed through to a Napp-IT vm A link to the iso would be great, I link to a definitve guide to install either of the above would help, but the most needed is the iso Thanks in advance
  11. EFI Automount

    Thanks did a search on Google as suggested but was unable to find the solution, so would appreciate it greatly if you could post the command Thanks
  12. EFI Automount

    I have installed, destroyed and rebuilt my machine P5WDH Q6600 8 Gig Ram more times than I care to remember, fortunately I have always been able to transfer my data into my new installs, it is currently as previously running without issue on Snow Leopard Vanilla using an EFI partition Chameleon RC4, here in lies the problem my EFI partition is mounted and put on the desktop everytime it boots along with the EFI from an old installation drive, I have umount /Volumes/EFI and rm -rf /Volumes/EFI, but they still reappear everytime the machine is booted, problem is my wife also uses the machine and I have already found files on the drive so need to have it behave as expecetd and not automount and remain hidden, please can you help?? Orinoco