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  1. I installed Rhapsody PPC DR2 to my 8600

    its some time ago i did the last time but i tihnk thats the way i did. nvm im getting another DR2 PPC image right now and will try if this one works. was ripped with toast afaik. i can compare md5s with the ones posted in the other thread and will up the image on bs if it works.
  2. My collection of Apple Betas/Classics

    some betas i got around: Copland D11E4 Mac OS 8.2d8 Mac OS 8.7a6c2 Mac OS X DP2 (the one without aqua) Mac OS X DP3 (the first one with aqua ) Mac OS X DP4 MacOS 7.5b2 MacOS 8b5 Rhapsody (the one i put up on bs) System 7.1b7 System 7.5.3a3c3 System7b4 so if anyone is interested in one of those
  3. I installed Rhapsody PPC DR2 to my 8600

    Its only the mac os session on the disk that is borked. and its not even an error thats hard to fix. i got another DR2 image and can try if it works without the error. you coulve basically used any bootable Mac OS 8 drive/disk to boot your mac. the funky drive swapping isnt needed. Im installing on my 8500 right now without booting Mac OS from the CD at all. i was booted from a small Mac OS parttion of one of the hard drives.