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    muse pocket lt and creative 5.1 help?

    hey dude, iv been told since to try and mess around with a few different players, cus apparently itunes never wants to play ball with anythin it doesnt recognise, have to say i havent tried anythin other than vlc cus iv had to regress to my old 2.1 for a while, i can't live without tunes! it might help tho man and let me kno if you have an joy with it
  2. hey, i'v recently bought the muse pocket lt usb sound card to use my 5.1 system on my mac, but i can only get headphone sound out of the card and nothing at all out of my speakers, not even the front two. iv tried setting my sound option to usb and tried different things audio midi but no love so far. has anyone got a step by step for setting up this on leopard, cus im out of 50 quid otherwise, any help is much appreciated!
  3. faulkner9

    Muse Pocket LT on Leopard

    hey guys, i still can't get the thing puttin out an 5.1 signal, the supplied microphone works but im still getting no sound or devices showing up from my 5.1, i'v changed the sound option to usb audio and nothing shows up, also changed the audio midi from stereo to 5.1 but again nothing, any help please?!?!