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  1. My Hackintosh Build

    with all of the stuff you are spending, you may want to just buy a power mac man. You can boot windows with the power mac, too.
  2. Take One, Leave One

    white girls
  3. Recommended TouchPhone?

    Omina is a business phone, like the blackberry with a 5 megapixel camera and windows mobile. I would maybe recommend it. I have an LG dare and I must say it is a good phone. Also, I know you said you are not interested in an iPhone, but theoreticaly the next generation iPhone will be unlockable and usable on the Verizon Wireless service. I am saving up money for one right now.
  4. Hello guys. One of my friends is getting a new mac so he wants to get rid of his old 1GHZ G4 for 50$. I don't think I will plan on keeping this mac for a long time as I would like to trade it for an iBook G4 or sell it to get a new macbook. How much could I get away with selling this thing? Thanks for reading!
  5. iPC hangs at gray apple screen

    Thank you for the responses guys, but what is the smbios patch? can you tell me where to get this? thanks.
  6. iPC hangs at gray apple screen

    Hello and good morning. last night I have installed iPC. After I try and boot OSX, the kernel loads and then I am brought to the loading screen with the gray apple. I don't think anything is loading because the wheel below the apple is not rotating to indicate loading. I rebooted into diagnostic instead of -v and right after that, my computer hangs up after that. Nothing is loading under diagnostic, so I think I have a serious problem. I'm sorry if I explained this poorly. Can anyone help me? Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  7. Thanks for your reply and I will look for iPC. Leo4all is not going to go because that is the distro I have been using right now.
  8. Hello all. I have had some troubles with running OSX86. Whenever I am trying to boot to leopard, I get stuck at "Still waiting for root device..." and maybe this is a problem with my motherboard? I ask this because I do not have SATA compatibility on my BIOS. Are there kexts I can load to help leopard boot on my SATA hard drive? This has been an issue that has been troubling me for awhile. Thanks for reading and thanks for your help as well =) -SwankyFarmBoy EDIT: if this helps any, my motherboard is an abit NF-M2PV Thank you =)
  9. I've really wanted a macbook for the longest time now and I am curious how far the macbook will drop in price. When I am old enough this summer I may be able to get a job to save up money for one. I think owning a mac would be special and I would cherish the computer for several years to come. How far will they drop in price this year do you guys think? If anyone could be so kind to tell me where I could possibly get some deals on macbooks used or new, I would appreciate it and it would help me out to the biggest extent. Thanks for reading. I hope you can help
  10. Hello, my rig is: Abit nf-m2pv nvidia 8800 GT AMD 5600+ SATA seagate 300gb harddrive Western Digital 160gb harddrive I cannot find a way to enable my IDE settings as AHCI in advanced BIOS settings, because there is no option to do it. Maybe I am just not looking hard enough? Where could I possibly go to enable AHCI settings? thanks for looking guys.
  11. Take One, Leave One

    HP Halo or CoD4
  12. Intel is an evil company

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7072700421.html (link to article) By AOIFE WHITEThe Associated Press Friday, July 27, 2007; 7:04 PM BRUSSELS, Belgium -- EU regulators said Friday they have charged Intel Corp. with monopoly abuse for blocking rival computer chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s access to customers. Intel immediately said its conduct had been lawful and said it welcomed the chance to finally respond to allegations made by its main competitor. The European Commission claimed that Intel gave "substantial rebates" to computer makers for buying most of their x86 computer processing units, or CPUs, from Intel; that it made payments to manufacturers to get them to delay or cancel product lines using AMD chips; and that it sold its own chips below cost on average to strategic server customers on bids against AMD products to try to muscle into that business. It said each of these alone broke EU law by shutting out AMD from the market. Together they amounted to a strategy that damaged the rules of fair play in an effort to keep AMD from eroding Intel's market leadership, it said. "The Commission also considers at this stage of its analysis that the three types of conduct reinforce each other and are part of a single overall anticompetitive strategy," it said. Intel has a chance to defend itself before the EU's executive arm takes a final decision that could order the company to stop abusive behavior or charge it fines that can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif., is the world's biggest chipmaker. The company's general counsel, Bruce Sewell, said Intel was confident that the microprocessor market was functioning normally and that Intel's behavior had been lawful, pro-competitive and beneficial to customers. "The case is based on complaints from a direct competitor rather than customers or consumers," he said. "The evidence that this industry is fiercely competitive and working is compelling. When competitors perform and execute the market rewards them. When they falter and underperform the market responds accordingly." Intel has 10 weeks to reply to the preliminary charges and can seek an oral hearing to put its side. The EU's executive arm has been investigating Intel's business behavior since 2001, looking into complaints from AMD and computer manufacturers that it used its power as a market leader to shut out rivals for chips that run on Microsoft software. The case has run hot and cold over the last six years. EU regulators had to shut down one line of inquiry when Taiwan's Via Technologies withdrew its complaint about computer circuits _ or chipsets _ in 2002. At the time, they also said they did not have enough evidence to pursue an AMD complaint on microprocessors. AMD filed another complaint in 2004 that EU officials said they had no choice but to investigate _ or risk AMD taking court action for negligence. In 2005, EU regulators raided Intel offices in Britain, German, Spain and Italy two weeks after AMD filed another set of lawsuits in Japan and the United States. The EU investigation widened last year to include AMD's allegations that Intel had pressured Europe's largest consumer electronics retailer Media Markt not to offer computers that carried AMD chips. Microprocessors from Intel dominate the global market in desktop computers that run Microsoft's Windows operating system. To be honest, this makes me ticked off and this is the reason why I have never bought an intel chip and never will. I challenge some of you to quit supporting intel, atleast for awhile and support AMD. Intel dumps their processers for cheap over every computer company so intel can outsell AMD, and AMD is often excluded from any kind of business (like all of your intel macs.) Dell's, Gateway Computers, Alien Ware, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, E-machines and many more companys have the same thing in common. The number one chipset that is purchased is intel's. Walk around a computer store, like bestbuy, and see how many laptops and desktops are AMD compared to Intel. It is something to definately think about! Thank You for your time.
  13. I downloaded CPUID and I wanted to know if these are valid specs for making a hackintosh. thanks for your help. much thanks for your help.