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    Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    Hi, For the Mini9-132EZ method, do we need to use some particular version and localization of the retail DVD? In Germany, Apple offers only 10.5.4 Deutsch and several online stores offer additionally 10.5.4 International English. I don't know if this International English version is identical to the US version. Should I worry about some potential incompatibiltiy with the MIni9-132EZ CD? If I buy one and it doesn't work, it will be dissapointing. Maybe, this is a stupid question. But I have had some a few bad experiences with some localized OS. So I wanted to ask you this question. Thanks.
  2. Secondtio

    Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    Hi, I am excited to look into this thread to follow up the latest discovery. I would like to also try it out, but I do not know which distro I should use or maybe I should still wait for a while. I saw people talking about approaches using various patched versions iATKOS Kalyway MSIWindos86 ... and about the approach using the retail DVD with something called code132. Reading the recent posts, it seems that iATKOS 4i 10.5.4 (or 5?) and the code132 approaches are more preffered than the others. But I don't know the differences. (I read the differences between iATKOS and Kalyway in terms of their general characteristics but I don't know how they apply to the dell mini. And I don't know how MSIWindos86 compares to these two.) Could someone briefly explain to me the differences of the above approaches and tell me what the most recommended approach is? Thank you very much.