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  1. Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my Macbook Pro HD to SSD and was wondering if the Seagate Momentus XT would work alright with this? Link to the drive: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seagate-Momentus-XT-1TB-ST1000LM014-SATA-2-5-Solid-State-Hybrid-Drive-8GB-SSD-/221497193894?pt=UK_Computing_HardDrives_RL&hash=item339242f5a6 Laptop was bought in July 2013 but has been lazy since upgrading to Mavericks and can't seem to keep up with the apps I use for work (Chrome, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Skype, Excel) and doesn't seem to enjoy running Logic Pro. I've had a search online for this but most are for older models of the Laptop and HD. Many thanks Colin
  2. Hi Artur, I re-installed my graphics card using the VGA cable and disabled the onboard card. Before this, I didn't get any signal through my graphics card but I can now get through. It still hangs though - I've attached a picture of this in verbose mode. Thanks again!
  3. Hi Artur, Thank you for your response! I've removed the 9500 GT card - should I put this back in then disable onboard graphics in the bios? Thanks again
  4. Should have listed my spec too, sorry: Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H/GA-H77-DS3H Intel i3-3225 8GB Corsair DDR3 RAM Mountain Lion was working on this no problem without graphics, audio or network. I added my Mbox, audio worked fine, no problem. I installed a TP-Link network card, which worked OOB, all fine still. I added my GeForce 9500GT card, which would boot in safe mode. After installing the 9000 series drivers, I could no longer boot in any mode and saw the above in verbose mode. Thanks
  5. Hello, I had a build that was working perfectly today, with the exception of the graphics. I had a GeForce 9500GT card in an older machine that I put in it and could load it up with -x flag. I then installed the GeForce 9000 series driver and can no longer boot OSX - have tried several flags but nothing working. I've attached images of verbose mode on the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hello, I've just got a new Hack up and running - everything is running smoothly other than my network adaptor, which ran perfectly on my last machine. My last machine ran 10.6.3 while the new one is 10.8.4. I've seen posts that people have been able to get it running by installing the Ralink chipset driver and modifying the kext to include the USB's vendor and product IDs, which is how I previously got it running, but this doesn't seem to work this time. The driver doesn't even list my USB stick so I have to copy and past code, amending the details. Can anyone please help? Much appreciated!
  7. Sorry for all the messages, hope they're not sending loads of notifications to your phone or anything! So I need to replace all the non-functional kexts to get this working again? It's all the original ones so I assume they just weren't compatible?
  8. Also tried the below instructions with no luck: Open terminal Write: sudo -s and press enter Enter your password when asked and press enter Write: vi /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist and press enter In the vi editor use the arrow keys on the keyboard and navigate the cursor to the tag: after the <key>Kernel Flags< /key > line. The string tag might be empty or not, if it is not empty then add space and then write: rd=diskX where X is your hard drive number. Press keyboard button Esc (in order to exit insert mode) Write: :wq and press enter (notice the : sign) Then reboot and thats it
  9. Do I need to install a new FakeSMC?
  10. I can't upload photos to this page on my phone but you can find a copy of it at http://m.flickr.com/#/photos/97397799@N04/9027439252/ Looks like its unable to load a bunch of kexts that I definitely have.
  11. I will take a picture this evening and send it!
  12. Apologies, I should've listed my hardware...I must admit it's fairly old and I forget a lot of the specs, I've been looking at upgrading lately. I have a GM31 board, Nvidia Graphics Card, Intel processor - sorry, I can't be more specific. My soundcard is external. Everything had been working perfectly for years till this. I deleted the Sleepenabler kext and it no longer has a kernal panic on start up. Instead, it hangs on the Apple sign when starting. Do I need to replace the Sleepenabler kext with one specific to 10.6.8? When I start using -v, -x, -f, -s, -v -x it won't load up either, still hangs. Sorry again for being so vague - if there's anything I can do to speed this up, let me know and I'll do so when I'm back at the computer later. Thanks so much for responding too - it's greatly appreciated! Also, I did try moving my old kexts in place here but it never worked.
  13. Hello! I updated my iAtkos 7 10.6.6 system to 10.6.8 earlier and found my kernel panicking. As my computers dual booted, I logged on to the other partition and removed all instances of sleep enabler.kext and extensions.mkext before removed their caches and repairing the drives petitions. I can now get further than I used to but the computer hangs while on the Apple loading screen. Can anyone help please?! Totally baffled. Thanks!
  14. Would removing the updated kexts and replacing them with the kexts from the older but functioning system work?
  15. Hi guys, Stupidly thought iAtkos 7 would update me from 10.6.5 to 10.6.8 no problem today, found out I was wrong. Now it won't restart. I have a dual-boot system so I can log in to an older version of OSX and alter any extensions I need to - Ive already looked at the library extensions and arranged the folder by date modified so can pinpoint the problem hopefully. I also have a screenshot of the frozen system in verbose mode but as I'm posting from phone, I'm not sure how to upload. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks C