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  1. AGP Graphic Card and Leopard

    I have the same video card and i use NVdarwin 1.2.3. In OSX 10.5.5 i have CI and QE, but works as PCI. AGPGart still not working under Leopard.
  2. Who is Mash?

    Mash to Luke Skywalker: - Luke, i am your father. Are you Dart Vader?
  3. Who is Mash?

    Are you Osama?
  4. iTunes7 works now with SSE2! (Exp6 kernel)

    I can't compare SSE2 vs. SSE3, but iTunes 7 runs fast enough on my celleron. no lag.
  5. http://img172.imageshack.us/img172/3866/itunes7bm5.jpg Great progress with sse3 emulation! Thanks Semthex!!
  6. SSE2 ... please look inside

    i am SSE2 user too! Semthex, you are the greatest!!! Thank you for all your work!
  7. I will just wait for another new version of Application Enhancer. The last one has this bug. I don't know if this is a problem with the new 10.4.8 kernel.
  8. I think this was fixed long time ago. Just download the latest kernel from the irc channel.
  9. What's new in latest Beta7?
  10. I think i found where is the problem! Do you have Application Enhancer installed? If so, remove it from System Preferences and remove "ApplicationEnhancer.framework". Then in safe mode (-s) run "update_prebinding -root / -force". This works for me.
  11. For now i just have renamed "update_prebinding" to "update_pre" But this is not a conclusion.
  12. Hi there! I have very strange problem. After some application installs, when i boot into OSX "update_prebinding -root / -force" starts automatic every time! There is another proccess "update_prebinding_core" who starts too. Please help! How to solve this problem? update_prebindig quits without any error. I boot in safe mode and run fschk and mount the root. Then i start update_prebinding again and everithing is fine. But when i reboot to GUI, it starts again. Please excuse me for my English.
  13. nothing interesting here

    We need some links right now...
  14. nothing interesting here

    This is so cool! Thank you all for keeping OSx86 running! Where can we download this kernel?
  15. nothing interesting here

    What? 8.8.1 kernel is finaly hacked and 100% working? What are the hardware requirements? SSE3? HPET?