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  1. For goodness' sake. @Actual: This is a thread about SNOW LEOPARD (10.6) — iAtkos, iDeneb, Leo4all, etc. are LEOPARD (10.5). It is also a thread about the VOSTRO 1510 and 1520. Your machine is completely different and you're not even trying to install the same operating system!
  2. Sorry, this was ages ago (and I'm pretty sure it was an unrelated issue to yours) so I can't help, but maybe someone else can.
  3. @sophio: Oh man you are {censored} joking! I swear this was like the first thing I tried doing to fix it... Oh well, it works now. Thank you so much. :censored2:
  4. Right then what you need to do is put VoodooPS2.kext onto a USB and install that either via the install disc, if you can boot that, or via Snow Leo's Single User mode. Ah ok I just got halfway through writing the instructions before I realised your keyboard/trackpad doesn't work for the Snow Leo install disc, right? Ok well if you're booting Snow Leo install from a USB then you should be able to simply put VoodooPS2.kext in the /System/Library/Extensions file on the install image. If not, then you have two choices as far as I can tell: inject the kext into the install image and reburn your disc; or install Leopard and then use the OSInstall.mpkg install method (but that assumes the PS2 works in Leopard (which it should, althogh it should in Snow, too, so that's weird)). Installing Leopard is a minor inconvenience, but I've never edited an ISO and reburning a DVD±DL seems like it would be pretty annoying/a waste of money. Ask if you need more help/pick a method.
  5. "Select PS2 keyboard" is probably for a custom Leopard distro install, like Kalyway, iPC or iDeneb. Are you sure you're following this guide properly? Exactly? You need to make sure you have VoodooPS2.kext installed.
  6. Oh. That's weird. Works fine for me. :s Sure it's not a router problem? Are you using the R1000 kext which I posted up?
  7. What do you mean by the DNS problem?
  8. Just because you have the same sound card, doesn't mean it'll work. The sound card is one of the least important components when you're looking for likeliness of compatibility.
  9. Anyone know anything possibly fixing it so you don't need to reboot if you accidentally forget to turn the physical Wireless switch on (bottom left, at the front)? Minor annoyance.
  10. dr.vox

    GMA X4500

    Booting in 32-bit mode went to the desktop, but there was still only 1024x768 in the Displays prefpane, SwitchResX doesn't seem to work (still saying Unknown Monitor). The kexts you attached just make it white screen then black screen with backlight. Thanks again for the help, and don't worry too much about the video. EDIT: I even tried doing the patch with iAtkos 7i (10.5.7) and it blue screens, then black screens. Although on Leopard, the monitor doesn't say 'Unknown Monitor' in DisplayConfigX...
  11. dr.vox

    GMA X4500

    Read your Everest report and it seems our laptops are pretty similar. Makes me wonder even more why it isn't working, considering how similar they are... I tried it again and again it gives me white screen, then black with the backlight on. I can boot into Safe Mode (-x), which gives me 1024x768 and doesn't list any other resolution. One of the only differences I can see in our systems is that SwitchResX says 'Monitor 1 - Unknown Monitor' for me, but for you it says 'Monitor 1 - Display'. Do you have 'Unknown monitor' too, cheeseplox? But I checked the Manufacturer id and Model id, and mine are the same as the ones in the video (656e6b6e, 717).
  12. dr.vox

    GMA X4500

    Hey Max (or should I call you Christian? ), thanks so much for going to the effort of making that video! You're being incredibly helpful, I really am thankful to you. But, I watched the video and I definitely did exactly the same as you. I was even saying to myself what to do next, before you did it. I'll try it again later, but I don't think it will work, even though we have the same graphics cards (same device ids) and even same brand laptop (this one's a Sony too).
  13. dr.vox

    GMA X4500

    After I ran the patch it said the Kext was improperly installed and couldn't be used. When I rebooted I got the white screen, then black screen with backlight. Thanks a lot for your help, but still nothing works. And I don't understand why not. max, maybe you could post your kexts (from S/L/E)? By the way, the device id is definitely 2a42.
  14. That is weird. I think I've got it sorted it out now though. Might try it with my Vostro sometime soon.
  15. dr.vox

    GMA X4500

    Didn't work. I've tried so many different things, so many different methods, so many different kexts... Most result in a black screen with the backlight on... Others just get ignored totally. Why can I not get native res when other people with the same device id (2a42) can?! Even if i use their kexts!