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    GeForce GTX TITAN works in MacPro

    How would one handle the power requirements of the Titan? I either want to buy a Titan or a 780 GTX, to postpone having to buy a new gaming PC - currently on an eight core Mac Pro 3.1, with a 670 GTX.
  2. pkshdk

    4890 and 4870 X2

    Is it possible for you to post a noob guide for that?
  3. Oh... right :S Damnit... It's a Mac Pro enclosure... Sorry about that.
  4. What the hell do you mean? I'm asking how you guys placed the PSU in your Mac Pro enclosure, and I say which PSU I have... What am I not explaining? How do you fix it down?
  5. Really, no one? How did you all get the PSU in place?
  6. Ok, after hours and hours of violence I finally got the metal thing between the drives and the PSU bay out... But how the heck do I place my PSU? It's a Corsair HX1000, and I can't figure out how to do it... Can you glue it perhaps?
  7. Any updates on this? I just read about a guy that couldn't get Mac OSX to boot on the right card. It would always boot on his 4870 card, and not his supported card. Does it have anything to do with which port the cards are in?
  8. That's exactly what I wanna do too... And the answers I got was not really helpful, because if it's like candycane says, and it wont recognize the right card, then it's futile...
  9. Hey guys. I just got my Mac Pro enclosure and really want to get cracking... But I already ran into a couple of problems. How the hell do I remove that metal thing that holds the PSU fan? I got most of the screws out, but there's those little taps that holds the metal piece in place where you only can see bolts, and not any screws... How the hell do I go those out? :S
  10. And what did I write? It was a thread with TWO Nvidia cards AND a thread with two cards that were completely the same. I haven't seen anything about two TOTALLY different cards - as for cards Mac OSX doesn't even support yet, that's what I want to know...! Can I do that - it's a simple question. Emtpyskull understands the question. I don't want to run both cards in Mac OSX, because as I've stated many times I want to use a 4870 which isn't supported yet.
  11. Thats all very well, macgirl... but that doesn't really answer my questions, does it? Try anwering my question instead of being condasending... Those stickies regards two Nvidia cards and two cards that are completely the same. I want to use two totally different cards - and one that isn't supported by Mac OSX at all. And also want to know if there is any clever solution to switch between the two cards, without having to change the monitor cable everytime you want to boot up in one of the systems.
  12. I'm currently building a new computer, which I'm gonna built into a Mac Pro enclosure, but I'm going for the HD 4870 1GB, and that card isn't supported yet. So could I buy a used 8800 GT/GTS and use that when I'm in Mac OSX, and use the other card for when I'm in Windows? Would that work? And would there be a clever way to not have to switch the plug every time I want to be in Mac OSX or Windows?
  13. Ok, maybe no one understands the question - and I can kinda understand why... So I guess I'll just ask - can you put any DVD-burner in the Apple Mac Pro enclosure? DOES it have to a Superdrive?