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  1. Cleaning your mac

    40% 50 percent isoproponyl alcohol mixed with 60% water on a squirt bottle. Spray on a microfiber cloth for the outside and the lcd and use qtips for the keyboard.
  2. X1800xt in Leopard

    I have the 256mb variant of this videocard and for 10.4.5 (Tiger) I only have half QE+CI supported, which means i dont get the flippy effect on widgets. Im not sure if the card is supported in leopard but it was only half supported in Tiger with graphic artifacts. I believe the x1800 series core is too different from the other 1000 series Radeons that are supported.
  3. Web cam?

    im using the one and only iSight lol
  4. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    10.4.5 of course cause i used the boris method. 10.4.6 doesnt work for me.
  5. borisbadenov ATI X1000-series Solution

    Are any of you x1800xt users missing widget flipping of Quartz Extreme? I have the ripple effect of Core Image tho. I tried this out today and am still missing quartz extreme.
  6. i dunno about your product ID but the decimal value for Logitech is 1133!
  7. JAS 10.4.6

    In 10.4.5, system profiler states that the x1800xt card has quartz extreme and core image but really only has core image. Im currently downloading 10.4.6 so ill tell u guys what happens in a while.
  8. JAS 10.4.6

    Tried this kext all night... not working in myzar 10.4.5 and x1800xt 256meg
  9. i cant get it to work in 10.4.5!!!! after the maxxus amd patch for iTunes!
  10. how does qe die? what version of osx are u using? flip a widget and see does it flip over and try fast user switching. Did u try the callisto driver?
  11. Does anyone have this problem? Please specify your video card and version of OSX86 you have. System profiler states that QE/CI are enabled, I get the widget ripple effect but not the cube effect or the widget flipping effect on 10.4.5 myzar patched with maxxus amd enabler 1.0a.
  12. Cube Effect on MacOS x86?

    i have this problem in 10.4.5 not 10.4.6 is there a way to solve this in 10.4.5? I have the liquid effect working tho just not the cube and the widget flipping. My graphics card is the x1800xt 256meg edition. Ive never noticed this problem until stumbling upon this thread.
  13. iSight and PhotoBooth on hackinhosh?

    sweet will buy tommorow!!!
  14. Has anyone confirmed this to work on a Hackintosh with a firewire slot? I need closure before I buy one!
  15. Codecs

    go to quicktime, menubar show movie info to determine what codec you need. Download the universal DivX 6 codec on their website and download mediacentral if your movie has the AC3 codec.