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  1. so please share with us :>
  2. dogie

    iTunes 7.3 problem

    problem solved.I just removed itunes with appzaper then created folder called itunes on the desktop, and draged removed itunes with all subfiles (they're in trash) in this folder.Next i downloaded itunes 7.3 with software updater.First i tried to run itunes from application folder but with no luck (btw. console don't showed any log) so in next step i launched itunes from desktop folder and tadam this time application launched properly.Last step - i just replaced itunes in folder witch itunes from folder on the desktop and everything work properly. @macoramic thx for willing to help
  3. dogie

    iTunes 7.3 problem

    i have this same problem and unistallling and istalling again even older version dosen't help (with older version of itunes after accepting agreement shows error "The itunes application could not be opened.An unknown error occured (-50).". i am without itunes for now.
  4. dogie

    system 7 on pc?

    if it's true please relase this piece of software
  5. Hey i have same problem as you can't configure PPPoA under os x (simply dont know how) googled it and no answers. I have speedstream modem and sagem F@st 800 E4 usb (only ppc driver so no use ) If anyone can help us id would be grate.
  6. dogie

    restart problem

    I have osx 10.4.3 + maxxus patch 1.1a instaled on my hd and when i try to shut down or restart my computer (for example after instaling drivers for my wirrelles usb adapter ) osx is workin but don't write anything on hd and reboot.For now im using reset butoon but that don"t apply changes that i made in osx.If anyone know solution for my problem pleas help