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  1. Mahmood alkhatib

    Real Player

    Thank you its worked
  2. Mahmood alkhatib

    Real Player

    I installed the Real Player 10 and its working fine , but cannot acess plugin from Safari and FireFox it says cannot found plugin , it was working fine with me before, i dont remember which Ver. of OS . i am with 10.4.6 now . Thank you
  3. Mahmood alkhatib

    Cmedia 8738

    ID 70121039 i did install the latest kext .6 every thing is enable in the sound preferences , volume control is showing ,but now sound . i tune also working without sound , i have green,red and blue on the sound card , speakers connected to green . any solution ...
  4. Mahmood alkhatib

    any one sucess with this sound card

    Anyone success with Realtek AC'97 on sis MOBO ?
  5. Mahmood alkhatib

    any one sucess with this sound card

    Anyone success with Realtek AC'97 on sis MOBO ?
  6. Mahmood alkhatib

    SATA Disk?

    try to add Vendor Id in appleviaata.kext
  7. Mahmood alkhatib

    Asus P5LD2-VM The perfect Motherboard?

    This is best mobo i used , but i have problem with Hard disk P-ATA , i cant c this any one face same problem ,
  8. Mahmood alkhatib

    10.4.6 Upgrade Released

    Myzar AMD patched worked with me and solved my big problem with network card i have 10.4.6 , my problem was, every time i restared the OS detect a new ethernet pci card and have to apply changes to work , so when i checked the pci list in the network it was over 50 card listed , imagine if i used the OS dialy one time so it will be 365 card listed within one year , but i am restarting the pc ovr 10 times aday ,so how many card will be listed > i am happy now with new 10.4.6 thank you
  9. Mahmood alkhatib

    Network card detect again and again

    When i am restarting the OS i have to stat the network preferences and ad netwrok card before starting the connection . now i have over 40 PCI netwrok card listed Please help ,