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  1. Custom made rear i/o G5

    Great thing, please put me down for two of them :-) Br/Fuzz
  2. Thanks Fabio :-) I already have it up and running with 12 threads with 980x-DSDT from page one here. You were asking for dumps from other processors so i wanted to contribute. And maybe in the end , i could use a 990x-dsdt.aml one day:-) Earlier you were asking for spec, was there something wierd with my ACPI dump ? BR/Fuzz
  3. Hope the sig works ... otherwise here is a cut and paste: - Asus P6T SE Bios0908, Nvidia 8400gs PCIe, 24gb Kingston HyperX 1333, intel 990x. - Please let me know if i can do/fix/redo whatever to help..... BR /Fuzz
  4. Greetings fellas :-) Great work !!! Im a long time Hac lurker with several systems built already , now its time to give some back. Here's my contrib. Followed the ACPI extraction instrux from first page and here we go . PS. I am using the 980x DSDT.aml and it is working so far (6+6ht cores). I tried extracting via DSDTse and compile again but only gets 8 cores going... DS. 990_p6t_se_0908.zip
  5. launchctl-Prob EP45-DS3L

    Hi ! I made the same stupid mistake on my C2D mac mini (The real apple deal :-) You might wanna try booting to the install DVD (Boot HD , boot132, USB ,whatever you installed with) and cancel setup, run DiskUtil from meny , select your Harddisk and run repair permissions first. ( In my opinion , you cant make things worse.) I did just that and when i rebooted Verbose, it complains in the same way for a couple of files (vmware, EyeConnect and a fev more that i guess diskutil is unaware of. I ran these programs and they prompted me for password , did some good stuff of their own and Viola , the system is up and running. Be warned, I was prepared to reinstall and figuered, Give repair a shot. I did this once and got away with it and it IS A MAC. You migh not be as lycky as a was BR /Clark