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  1. Yes I will... Did not made the clone yet...
  2. It is a single drive (SSD) on the SAS controller. If I leave only this drive on the controller, it won't hang. But if I plug a drive, even single drive (not a raid array) it hang again... I will make a clone of my boot drive to play in depth with it without breaking all my stuff.
  3. romaincs

    Clover General discussion

    I had the same issue, and it was caused by APFS.efi. Maybe your issue is the same. Try to use the one you find on your updated system disk in /usr/standalone/i386/.
  4. Thanks UcaUca, I do not have UEFI on my board, but I gave it a try and.... nope... Is there a way to get a log to know what happened before "....scan entries..." ? It could bring some light on what the issue is...
  5. romaincs

    Clover General discussion

    Hello everyone, I'm getting some issues with Clover rev. > 4077, with a RocketRaid 2720SGL. It hang on scanning entries. If I unplug all devices from it but the boot drive, it does not hang. I have made a thread there if you want to have a look : #CloverEFI BiosBlockIO rev>4077 hangs at "Scanning entries" I tried to use serveral different boot7 files, with no luck. To boot from the SAS Controller, I need to user BiosBlockIO as SATA boot does not see the SAS boot device. Maybe you have an idea about this ? Thanks.
  6. As soon as I plug a second HDD/SSD on the SAS, clover hang at ".... scan entries ...". If I leave only OSX SSD, it works fine... Again, it used to work with rev 4077 and don't with higher rev's. as the boot files does not resolve this, even the 4077 one, it must be on the efi files side... or may be apfs.efi ?...
  7. So, no luck with this... It is a bit strange... I decided to open my box, and unplugged all drives on the SAS controller, and it does not hang anymore... If I only plug my system drive back, it does not hang too. I'm digging into this... Another strange issue, may be related, is about USB keyboard in CloverGUI: If I plug my optical sata devices onto my ICH10, keyboard won't work... If I plug them on Marvell controller, the keyboard works.. May be I should play flashing my bios... Any recommanded version for R3E and Clover ? It start to drive nuts
  8. Thanks fusion71au, I'll give it a try asap !
  9. Thanks for you input smolderas ! Is that option makes boot on first sata port ? If it is, it won't solve my problem. I have to get clover looking at Bios boot entries, not SATA ones. It is the only way I'm aware of to keep raid features and boot from the RocketRaid board.
  10. With CloverEFI 64-bits BiosBlockIO + boot0af -> Hang at Scanning entries. With CloverEFI 64-bits SATA + boot0af -> I get to clover GUI but my RocketRaid controller is not bootable, it would be bootable with BiosBlockIO (as I did before Clover rev. > 4077).
  11. Thanks for you answer chris1111 ! I looked at it, but sadly it won't help as the issue is before the loading of the OS... I can't get to the Clover GUI as it hang at scanning entries if I install clover with BiosBlockIO boot file.
  12. Hello everyone, I have an issue with the lastest clover revision that I did not had with rev. 4077 using BiosBlockIO. Clover hangs at "Scanning entries...". To be able to boot, I must install without using BiosBlockIO but Sata instead. I'd like to use BiosBlockIO as I have RocketRaid 2720SGL that is faster than my Rampage 3 Extreme ICH10 controller (the same is true with Marvell controller) and is only bootable with this option. If I revert back to rev 4077, it does not hang... Is anyone having an idea about this issue ? Thanks
  13. Hello, same controller, same issue... All usb3 ports are detected as usb2 and are handled by AppleUSBEHCIPCI. I own a Transcend StoreJet hdd. When I plug it to usb2, it works as expected, the led light orange. But when I plug it on usb3 ports, the led light blue as it usualy does in USB3 mode and the hdd never appears in device list. Any chance to get this working soon ? Does it implies a complete rewrite of GenericUSBXHCI ? Or what would the work to do to make it run again ?
  14. Hello, I cannot do my mods like that as with ATI 5970 there are two devices with sames device vendor ids. The only way to only match the primary adpater is to use PCIClass ou PCISubsys ids. Nevertheless this matching issue is ok to me, as I can do it manualy About patching on the fly, on clover configurator, if you type a string with whites spaces, clover configurator seems wipes them ? why ? If the string is modified, it won't match for sure. I did a lot of things to try to make it work under Yosemite, with no luck. Connectors config is ok, screens data are detected... If I mod my kexts as I did, it will hang before loading gui. If I disable AMDRadeonX3000, system will boot fine, but without QE/CI. This mod worked with chameleon under mavericks, I can't test it with, because I can't find a chameleon that runs Yosemite on my system : they hangs after chameleon CPU specs, with a char 'o' that initialy blink with 'O'. I'm running out of idea...
  15. Hello everyone, hello Slice, I used to patch myself kexts for 5970 on Mavericks with chameleon as bootloader (this thread) but since yosemite... I switched to clover, used the same FBName and did the patching job as I did before, but computer reboots when trying to load the gui. If I don't edit ATIRadeonX3000.kext, I get to dekstop with resolution settings, but of course, no QE/CI. Connectors data did not change since mountain lion. I tried with and without Dual Link, Load/Patch VBios, Inject ATI/EDID... I also tried to patch on the fly with clover, but as there is some "unusual" matching modification to do, I'm not sure if I can patch the whole IOPCIMatch to become IOPCIClassMatch key/value under cypress section for dual gpu issue. <key>IOPCIClassMatch</key> <string>0x03000000&0xFFFFFF00</string> Any hints ?