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  1. :(:o

    Hei i have a question, i will post here to see if anybody knows some fix, when for example im in IN BEAN OR TEXT EDIT, writing a simple text from time to time the app seems to hang i go to the activity monitor and the cpu is at 100% load, this isnt supossed to happen, the other apps seem fast to me like itunes firefox vlc safari.

  2. 720p and 1080p does not run good.. this board is not good at all for HTPC

    I already tested out 720 trailers of apple trailers site and its all good with the cpu @ 50% with great frames, remember this is the graphic card that comes with mac mini intel gm950.

    With 1080p videos it plays it but not enterily flawless, sometimes with lot of action on the screen you loose some frames but the cpu isnt at 100% full load, overall good mb for viewing some axxo movies :D and some 720.


    5 stars board from me (D945GCLF2)

  3. i have the 2 version.


    audio only with Azalia, no dump or anything worked.( BTW controls works but no sound)


    shutdown on my system works (iDeneb V1.1 patched to 10.5.5 and vanilla 9.5.0), restart...sometimes works, sometimes it hangs.


    for the fan, just connect to the other connector and it will work quieter.


    Thnaks Ironfly just patched it Azalia and the sound started working showing as HD audio Outupt mic doesnt show any input but i dont care.


  4. Hi people i have a D945GCLF2 and already installed mac osx till version 10.5.4 but i have a few problems:


    1. Sound inst working i already tried HDA patcher and some kexts that were posted here and now i can control the sound volume bar but theres no sound output, i went to sound settings and it show Line out on and spdif out on outuput devices no integrated speakers, and in input devices it shows integrated mic, i tried plugged in a headphone in the green output but no sound, mic i didnt test.


    2. Shutdown/restart hasnt been working, but since i tried patching the sound now shutdown is working restart still doesnt work.


    Since i have a usb audio card ive been using it, but i would like to get sound onboard.


    Realtek* ALC662 audio codec (5.1 channel HD audio)


    The rest is working great LAN, Video, Usb, 1 Sata hardrive, 1 Ide dvdrom




    Just finished doing a codec dump on linux and tried to patch with it but still no good.


    Here is the dump:




    Codec: Realtek ALC662 rev1