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  1. About this Mac Graphics

    Finally,the place i ve always loved to be in,bricked my PC...will post mine ASAP,...clearly,there IS something in the air...great job, ALL of you... lets get to work
  2. same here...only i ve got 2 cases to get the obvious out of the way, i ve used generic iso and some 10 other iso s without success,and i m sure abt the order in which the procedure is executed case1: compaq presario v5000 intel celeron m 410 code Yonah 1.46Ghz Family 6,model E SSE,SSE2,SSE3 moboard mfr-HP model 30A8 chipset Intel i943/940GML Southbridge Intel result: glossy blue screen+dead dvd drive+dead hard disk+my head on the keys case 2: HP pavilion a1210 <------------now the specs for this one went with my win partition during an iatkos v1.0i install...so i ll try my best to recall intel pentium 4 code Prescott 3.06 Ghz, sse 2&3,em64t mobo Asustek goldfish chipset intel 910 GL intel gma 900 graphics result: gray screen without the spinning circle thinggy any ideas other than,say...go put your head in a real hard place,...
  3. i ve had success with iatkos v1.0i,...here s what i did popped in the iatkos dvd, pressed F8 typed -v -legacy cpus=1 (mines an em64t too,hence -legacy and cpus=1),try that,try to read errors if any,dont give up yet...PM me if i can be of any assistance.cheers!
  4. dude as far as i know,you dont type cpu=2 because partitions = 2,just type cpus=1, or nothing at all other than "-v" OR - (i.e.verbose)...ahh well take a look yourself, rather not put you in more danger due to half arsed knowledge/explanations link http://apple2pc.blogspot.com/2008/02/darwi...ot-options.html hope that helps edit:i thought you ought to keep the DVD in the drive for the first boot,or use a "magic" cd,then install chameleon boot loader... edit:heeeey,...this is my first post,now how did i not know that...greetings Hac'lings