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  1. Hi guys. I got some stuff for your Hackintosh G5. Its Powermac G5 HDD rack, it looks like the older ones, which is from one piece and the top is not from solid plastic like the 2-pieces-made hdd holder I got in my hackintosh. Another thing is Apple fan, one of those G5. It is working, how to make it running is described on this forum. And the last thing is power chord for iMac, with the european end connector. HDD rack for ~$20 Fan for ~$12 Chord - offer as much as you wish, its yours anyway I can sell it separately or alltogether, depends on you guys. Location of this stuff is Czech Republic, shipping to UK costs around 10 bucks for you. But ask me for exact price of your destination, if you are interested. Thanks for watching. Posts or PM, contact me anyhow. Pics below.
  2. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    In deal with Tux_Lux already, well, I have to admit that your offer is better will report about finish of transaction.
  3. CZ*DarkLight

    Poor student looking for decent Mac!

    Well, I don't want to ruin your expectations, but my opinion is "no way dude". I think its pretty naive, I have seen many of those requests, and noone rly give something expensive free of charge to someone who request it on the internet - public, on some forum, or whatever. But maybe I will be pretty surprised
  4. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    Yeh, still free for sale. Current CZK-EUR ratio says 28-30 euros for shipping to FR, price for case is still the same - 45 euros. PM me if you are interested.
  5. CZ*DarkLight

    Good Power Supply For G5 case Mod

    Should be... which is not the same as "will be"
  6. CZ*DarkLight

    Good Power Supply For G5 case Mod

    Shaanky: If you (and one other guy who wanted pics) will hold on for a couple of days, I will take the photos of mine hackintosh, with details such as 24-pin ATX black cover (that buddy wanted to see it) or atx psu mounted inside original G5 psu housing... It was not that difficult as I expected before... and it works smoothly =) // I hope I won't forgot
  7. CZ*DarkLight

    Apple G5 Case Mod (Suggestions, please)

    Torque: Actually, finish of major metal parts of G5 case (such as 3mm thick aluminium bent sheet which makes G5 case what it is) is made by anodizing. Anodizing can be done with several colours of surface in finish, grey used on G5 case if one of them. Anodizing makes surface of anodized metal very strong and resistant to negative influences. And thats what they used on G5 case, almost imposible to reproduce same style of surface "at home", AFAIK. And with that heat resistant "paint" - well, it is heat resistant, but it does not mean it can't turn darker when it gets heat from heatspreaders or passive coolers every day. I can see structure in burnt silhouette of heatsink inside of that damaged G5 case I have.... =)
  8. CZ*DarkLight

    Torque's Ultimate Mod, NOW FULL ATX!

    Yea, that backpanel is pro! I wanted to do someting very similar, but it showed as bit more difficult than I expected... But I was kinda scared about putting ATX psu into Apple psu housing, and it went much smoother than I thought... No probs like Baudouin had ) But I miss that "floor" sheet covering psu.. Anyone got it for sale? // I even got that black covers on 24pin atx power connector, like Apple psu had... I love it should I post photo of my inside?
  9. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    In deal with BlackCH already, if all will go smoothly, its his. Will inform here. Well, he has done better deal, case is free again. PMing cebep.
  10. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    Erm, any active moderator out there? I'd like to lock this thread, when no-one is interested
  11. Nervouschimp: definetly, if you wont mess up somethig (and I believe you wont), I thought about this idea too but its too hitech to do it for me. Anyway, I would love to see this kind of Hack-iMac
  12. Smoothy: Sweet. You did not say a word about modding for a quite long time, so I thought that your MacPro-buy was the last piece of your modding puzzle Nice then, I am starting to be curious.
  13. Smoothy knows what he is talking about, since he bought Macpro instead of modding case he had, haha
  14. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    Bumping again since I decided about price and filled it in first post. But this is the last bump, after a few days I wish to lock this thread. Offer when you still can!
  15. CZ*DarkLight

    Damaged G5 case for sell

    Sorry for my late reply, I was gone for some time. Okay, I decided that price of this case is 1100 CZK - in actual change ratio it does around 45 euros or 66 dollars. Plus shipping. Rjinswand: If I will ship this to you to the UK, it will cost you cca 65 GBP all. (Case + shipping). Yes or no?