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  1. Intel GMA950 TV Out

    question mark
  2. Intel GMA950 TV Out

  3. Intel GMA950 TV Out

  4. Intel GMA950 TV Out

  5. laptopdisplay don't work

    Yes, I have an Acer Aspire 3690.. Intel GMA 950 Graphics Card... Did that to me before then I tried that and it worked! =D
  6. laptopdisplay don't work

    Ok, what I did, was re-install OS X and before clicking install, go to customize, then choose all the correct drivers (graphic, etc..), then choose install. Good Luck!
  7. Intel GMA950 TV Out

    Hi, I was wondering how to use the TV Out choice on my video card using S-Video. I have used it before on Windows. But how do I use it on MAC OS X Leopard. I try to click on detect displays and stuff, but it does not do anything. Thnx
  8. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

  9. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

  10. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    Alright, right now I am using Windows and it hasnt done it once... So is there like a Intel GMA 950 Graphics driver available for MacOs X Leopard 10.5.5? I am using Kalyway. PLZZZ Help
  11. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    Well i just figured that my cursor is only thing not moving.. ???
  12. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    idk... havent tried... have to fix windows bootloader again....
  13. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    It does it A LOT.. I just actually figured out that it's not my monitor or my video card because when the whole screen tweaks left and right and I have the cursor on the side of the screen, i cant see it.. like the apple logo and everything on that parts tweaks to the other side of the screen. I'll try to see if a capture it...
  14. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    again.... =''[[[
  15. Acer Laptop Screen going crazy!

    again.. =[[