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  1. Hi guys, I'ts been a long time since i don´t build a hackintosh and i was wondering if anyone here could help me out... I already have the mountain lion on a macbook but i want to put it on my desktop. So here is the question... Can i install it on my PC with these specs? Graphic Card - SAPPHIRE RADEON 7970 HD 3072MB - 3GB GDDR5 Processor - CORE I5 2500K Motherboard - ASUS - P8Z68-V PRO/GEN 3 LGA 1155 INTEL Z68 Memmory - CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 2 X 4GB 1600MHZ If i can, what is the best way to do it these days? i don't try it since leopard so i don't know if there's any way to do it fast and clean. Thank you!
  2. thiagobones

    Remote Control

    Hi, i just finished my hackintosh on leopard 10.5.8 and i would like to know if anyone knows any remote control that works on both windows and leo... i wanna buy one so i can change my musics, videos, etc without having to stand up every time... any help is appreciated! Thankz
  3. thiagobones

    Japanese Keyboard

    Hello, I was wondering if theres is any way to install a keyboard layout for my japanese keyboard... its a normal 109 keys japanese one..looks like this one http://www.conics.net/catalog/images/keyboard/g_jp_keys.jpg when im using the default layout for mac, its ok, but i cannot insert small kanatanas and hiraganas characters... is it possible to install this keyboard or at least anyone knows how to insert a small character? thanks
  4. Hi, I`m having some problems with my leopard after installation.. I tried to install it 3 times already and none of them helped.... when i was installing, i tryied to select the video driver for ATI HD and the image was all black....tried to boot on safe mode and still was all black... after that, i re-formatted my HD and than tried again without any driver...after that when i try to boot up my system, the image is all white and keeps shaking....i can see my mouse all messed up and shaking in a lot of points of the screen... I tried to boot on safe mode again and this time i could boot up.... i have an ATI Sapphire HD4850 and i would like to know if anyone could help me with this problem...when i installed the previous version of Kalyway (10.5.2) i didnt had any problem with the no driver installation.... Thanks in advance!
  5. thiagobones

    Keyboard Problem

    Hi, I'm a new user on mac and i would like to know if anyone could help me with this little problem... my keyboard is a Brazilian abnt and i cannot install its layout on my mac..... i found a topic that i guy just said i need to install this winbrazabnt12.keylayout file and its all done.... the problem is....how do i install it? since i`m a noob on mac yet, i would like to know if anyone could give me an easy way to install it! thank you all in advance! Solved the problem! just need to put the file on /library/keyboard layout/ and than logoff and login again, go to international and there he is.... thankz anyway!
  6. thiagobones

    X800 White screen at boot

    Hi, I´m new here and i have been trying to find an awnser to this in a lot of different forums but none could help.... here´s my problem. i just installed the Kalyway 10.5.2 MAC OS X LEOPARD on my pc...it went everything well, but after the install was done, it reboot and tryied to enter the os.... it shows the apple logo and the loading screen....the problem is that it does enter ( i can hear the sounds of the welcome) but the screen remains white and i cant see anything....if i move my mouse i know i can click on something cause of the sound....so it didnt freeze...it just dont display the grafics..... can anyone here help me out? i´m desperate and cannot find any awnser yet.... heres my hardware. INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7200 2.3ghz 2gb DD2 800 CORSEL ATI X800 MOTHERBOARD gigabyte Thanks in advance! Thiago