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  1. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I have read the update so I won't ask a dumb question about are there anymore etc etc. But, should anyone backout of your original 20 list... please let me know, I would gladly fill there spot and buy it. -Billabongo
  2. Building a hackintosh for my mom!

    I just got done building this EXACT system with the same components LOL! I modded a Apple Quicksilver 2002 Case and looks 100% stock I can tell you that pretty much was the easiest hackintosh ever to build. My box works 100% OOB except for audio, which is just a DSDT entry and 1 kext listed below Only 2 kexts in E/E folder: Latest fakesmc from netkas LegacyHDA888B I used Chameleon RC5 PRE8 build which now eliminates the need for any restart kext, I used the GraphicsEnabler option and that saved me from having to make an EFI string. I did create a DSDT with the standard fixes for CMOS/RTC/WAK/TIME MACHINE Other than that, there was no other work needed. Everything works and works well, even my sleep.
  3. Well I have been a happy mac & Hack owner but since SL works so well on my EP45-UD3R system and I have not had kernel panics or a single crash since completion of installation and DSDT, I decided to sell off all my "real" macs! Yesterday I sold: PowerMac G5 Dual 2Ghz PowerMac G5 Dual 1.8Ghz PowerMac G4 MDD Dual 1.25Ghz And my recent MacPro 2008! So needless to say I love my hack! I am a proud Apple supporter and always pay for my products including SL. After enduring years of paying the ludicrous prices and poor warranty work / support (which usually means I eat many $$$$) for obviously flawed systems, I said enough. I love my Hackintosh Mac Pro Quad and love the support for our EP45-UDxx boards! So my hat is off to Doom42, Elaide, and many others whose hard work helped out to make the best possible experience for SL on our boards So I managed to get a ton of cash for other things, I am now off to start researching for a i5/i7 build! Thanks to everyone, -BillaBongo
  4. @mdg Disable your onboard NIC in the bios and try to boot again. See if it actually will boot. Let us know what happens -
  5. Gents, There is now a DSDT fix to have OS X recognise your SATA devices natively and see them as Intel ESB2 ACHI. Once you have added this, you can remove the need for IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext in /E/E. I have followed the steps and can confirm my box is working without the blockstorageinjector.kext The fix is located http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1253758 Credit is due to the original posters.. Taken from blackosx incredible DSDT howto post! Originally found in http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=177497 If you want detailed instructions for this, please see above link and scroll down to his FILES section, download -> DSDT Guide for GA-EP45-DS3L v1.4 (1.69MB) Last updated 13th September 2009 - 09:38 Read it, scroll down to very bottom with details on the fix Enjoy!
  6. I have a GTX260 MaxCore 55 I can confirm that, YES.. My dual DVI is functional and working just fine
  7. I use x64 and have had zero problems, crashes I have never used x32 I am also using the F9 Bios, however will be using F11 once I feel like re-compiling the DSDT. I use what the guide states and not Chameleon RC3 Mine is running screaming fast:) If it's not broke, don't fix it
  8. @d00m42 Ah, my flashbacks of when I got the GSOD's Honestly thats pretty dang good, with all those tasks going and just now crashed.. your doing well. I played with my memory timing a tad and that resolved any "remainder crashes" after the ntfs issues I had found. I have yet to have any GSOD since my original post awhile back, I am very happy with SL and the whole setup
  9. @phile You can use either or, but for standards just leave it as LAN. It makes thing a bit over complicated and much easier to make mistakes. The default is lan already. I am attaching a link (not sure if someone else posted this or not) this is by far the best instruction on making a DSDT. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=177497 I have found that once you read the how-to (in PDF in that post) you will have a MUCH better time doing the DSDT creation. The code stuff is where it gets really difficult, but if you use the attached post for a guide most the work will be done for you. Really the only thing you will have to do is pick the correct audio settings, but that is easy to change and fix after the initial DSDT creation Open the post, skip the instructions on anything specific with the motherboard in guide 1. Scroll down to "What is needed to complete this guide?" section 2. Get the files listed in that section 3. Get the DSDT Guide under the next section called "Files" 4. Go to your MB Website and download your current bios file, this will be used to pull the DSDT info for your board, makes its virtually 100% foolproof! Read the PDF, follow along the pictures and guide.. This is how I learned, if you use this method.. the DSDT is virtually completed for you (minus audio and CMOS fix) Let me know how that post works for you.
  10. JFLNYC No, I am not pointing anything @ anyone The post is generalized. It has nothing to do with the last few posts, and yes I know you have helped out quit a bit and I, we all are very grateful for the work and effort! I don't want you to think I was saying it about you and I apologize to anyone who took offense, but lets all try to keep the posts in regards to the topic The post comes from when I look at like page 20 and up it is just littered with posts regarding other boards, systems etc.. and has little relevance to our boards in the EP45-UD3XX series, that was all.
  11. Not trying to say this bluntly, but this entire thread is based on using GA EP45-UD3R. I am just scratching my head as to all these posts for other boards/systems that have no direct relation to the EP45-UD3R or UD3XX counterparts People, your best bet is to open a new discussion regarding your board or search, but lets get the topic back to the GA EP45-UD3R and its close counterparts.. ie UD3P,etc.. So we can focus on helping or resolving specific issues related to this board and not have tons of post that have nothing to do with getting SL on the EP45-UD3xx boards. --- That was me trying to be not too blunt, lol.
  12. Hey JFLNYC, I am interested in building an OSX machine with the EX58-UD3R board! Can you PM your specs / parts you used? I got my Mac Pro Case to mod and was curious if anyone had a good time with the ex58-ud3r board Looking @ that score I would guess so! Hm, That sounds like the problem I was having awhile back with that stupid windows 7 drive installed. I have to say, I have yet to have any issues once I figured that ntfs #$@! out and removed it completely from my machine. I guess I have been lucky so far, but right now this thing is rocking fast in x64 since I made that finding Looks that Apple is already working on the 10.6.1 seed, maybe they will address some x64 kernel issues, reminds me years ago when Linux distros started developing x64 kernels, same problems. As time goes I am sure it will become more stable and issues ironed out.
  13. Just thought I would throw in my Geekbench! Lol, I was impressed... and this is the 32bit module running while i am in 64bit kernel Not to mention this is far from near the top my system will clock to, pretty dang impressive My score was a modest 7314 Not to bad
  14. LOL, that almost made me loose a quart of ice tea out my nose! Damn that hurt! To funny, that was the best video card I have ever seen
  15. @baller2319 Here you go, created a new EFI string with the corrected HEX code throw it in /extra and reboot, let me know how it does. Should be perfect com.apple.Boot.plist.zip