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  1. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Rolling back to my patched 10.9 AppleHDA fixed it, thanks
  2. OS X Yosemite DP's builds!

    Thanks, I've followed your instructions and it's working perfectly! Except for sound, I haven't been able to get that working yet.
  3. crossover games quits at startup!

    Have you deleted ~/Library/Application Support/Crossover Games? If you didn't, try that
  4. Warhammer Online

    Hello. I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but I didn't find anything so here it goes: http://www.warhammeronline.com/mac/ Finally Warhammer Online for mac And again, made with cider!!! Cider ftw
  5. WoW Error Reporter

    First, I'm sure I made a backup. I always make Error Reporter backups before deleting because I hate it, it is always annoying me but I know that I need it for patches. But it just disappeared!!! I always open a terminal, cd to the directory and "mv Error\ Reporter.app Error\ Reporter.app.bak" but it disappeared and I don't know how! Well, I made a smarter thing than reinstall and reinstall all the patches. I moved the WoW folder to another location, installed the classic wow from my retail DVD, copied the Error Reporter to the WoW I moved before, and updated to 3.1.0 It worked, and then I continued updating it until 3.1.3 Finally I can play again. I'm posting this so if anyone needs this too, just do this, its easier than reinstalling all the thing. Also, I will not upload the Error Reporter because no one uploaded for me! Why help the others if they dont help me?! I've already helped much ppl and when I need no one helps me. It's all! EDIT: Also I did this before you posted, I don't need ppl flaming me to do the things!
  6. WoW Error Reporter

    Anyone? Please, I really need it!!!
  7. WoW Error Reporter

    Hello. I need your help... Some time ago I deleted Error Reporter.app from WoW because it was annoying me and now I can't patch WoW without it... I don't have time to reinstall WoW, so... Can anyone go to World of Warcraft.app/Contents/Resources, make a zip with Error Reporter and upload it? I need to update WoW and I don't have time to reinstall it... Thanks!
  8. Steam on mac?

    Try iSteam http://www.el1tegaming.co.nr See the download section.
  9. Guild Wars Cider Port

    Can anyone upload the cider without Guild Wars inside? I made the port with the preferences posted here but all I get is a black window. It launches and updates but after that... nothing. A window with Guild Wars as title and inside only black.
  10. Wolfenstein ET/True Combat Elite cider port

    I can do it easily, but there is a problem: Punkbuster.. If you still want it, tell me.
  11. HamachiX

    That is the old site... It as old releases... They crash after some seconds (at least for me). I tried the new releases before and they work. But I deleted them, thinking I will not need them again, and now I'm needing them!
  12. HamachiX

    I am trying to play WoW with some friends, making a private server, but I need HamachiX. The site is out of bandwidth. If anyone has it please upload... Thanks