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  1. Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    Hello, i have a smal problem with my 9400GT. My Second Hackintosh works great, except the 9400GT. I use EFI String with VGA/DVI, the only Combi that will work. When i first insert the EFI string an restart everthings works perfect. Then i reboot, and after it boots i have a Blue Screen. When i unplug my Monitor and replug it, everthings work great. This sucks ^^ i Dont wont to replug my Monitor on every Startup. i Try NvEnabler, but ended with a black Screen. Every other NVCap ( DVI/DVI, DVI/VGA ) will not work an shows a Black Screen. Can someone help my pls ? Oh, i forget the System... 10.6.3 Thanks a lot
  2. Hello, my WMP300N does work in 32Bit only when my DSDT file is "minor Modified". When i done everthing u found on the net, including "new HPET" compiling the Card show in About this Mac but does not work, like in 64 Bit. When i use a DSDT file without this NEW HPET it works in 32 Bit.
  3. My WMP300N working great in 32 Bit, but not in 64.
  4. GeForce 9600 GT natively supported in Mac OS X 10.5.6

    Hello, i have a new Sparkle 9600GT and do it excaly as u post. I can boot OSX, resolution works fine. But the computer is extremly slow, and about his mac show no Quartz Extrem Support. When i delete all Nvidia kext , just boot with the EFI string my computer works normal. No lag, resolution works great. But no QE. Any Ideas how i can bring this to Work ? Oh, i use Ideneb V1.4 10.5.6
  5. x19x0 driver 10.5.6

    Hello, any chance to get 7240 Support ? Thanks a lot. Dirk
  6. Modifed the Kext for X1950XTX to get Gamma controle

    *dump* No one ?
  7. Hello, the Problem : I cant change my Gamma Settings , ICC Profiles and so on on my Hackintosh. My System : IDeneb V1.4 10.5.6, ATI X1950XTX, Natit. It was not so easy to bring the 1950XTX to work with OSX, a lot of the Packages u can download at the Forums does not work for me. A uniqe combination of Kext and Natit bring the Card to work, but , as i say with out the ability to change the Monitor Settings. About this Mac says that there is no Monitor connect, i thing this ist he main problem. I have change the NVCAP in the Natit.kext so that it match my Card exacly , but it does not work. I write to every .kext programmer i found on the Forums , no one give a answers , so i think must try to fix this for my self. The Problem...iam a noob ^^ So, what we have : A working Driver , but OSX thinks there is no Monitor. This ist he Main Problem ( Right / False ?) Upon Startup, the NATIT spam’s the Vendor ID´s and there is a line that say something like : Monitor Connection Typ : 000000000 Maybe this is problem , that the Kext tells the NATIT that ther is no Monitor connection. The Question : How can i change this ? Which Driver i must change ? ( ATIRadeonX1000.kext, ATIRadeon.kext, ATINDRV.kext) Maybe you can help me here. Thanks a lot ! Have a nice Day, Dirk
  8. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    Hello, i get my 9500GT to work with this , but there are another Problem now. I cant use my Mouse. It is soo lagy after i install this Drivers and the EFI string that u cant work with it. Any solution for this ? Thanks a lot ! Edit: k its not just the mouse, everthing is a bit slow. Even when i remove the EFI string and boot in Safemode everthings lag. The only way to solve this problem , delete every NVDA* File in the Extensions Folder. I give the orginal 10.5.6 kext a try, working great , but the Lag is the same. Now i have nothing more i can test. I have chose the 9500GT becouse i think it will working great with OSX , but i must learn that this is not so btw , sorry for my Bad english.
  9. Hello, as i say in another Thread , after a lot of try and Error my ATI1950XTX work now for me. (Ideneb V1.4 10.5.6) But... i have no control over the DisplaySettings to change Gamma, using ICC Profiles and so on. I can change everything , but nothing happend. Where could be the Problem ? The Driver.kext , or maybe the NATIT ? Maybe a problem of the OS , a bug during Installation of Ideneb V1.4 10.5.6 ? Has anyone a good advise where i can start the search to bring a working ICC Profile to my Computer ? Thanks a lot!
  10. ATI X1900 XTX under LEO4ALL V.2

    Hello, the ID is 7240. I have the same Card and a LOT of problems to bring to work. In the End , it is nearly Perfect , all but the ability to change the Gamma / Brightness and so on work for me. But honestly i dont know what i have done that i works. i tryed so many different NATI´s and Kext.... Good luck guy!
  11. Hello, i have a problem with my X1950XTX , ID 7240. Every Driver i tryed out , also this one end up with a blue screen after Boot , a Mouse Curser and nothing else happend. I search the Forum , find a few guys who have the same problems , but not a single Work Around. I realy hope u can help me. Ideneb 10.5.5, ID 7240. Thanks a lot
  12. Boot Log möglich ?

    Hallo, ich hab ein paar Probleme mit meinem OSX System , und wollte mir deshalb mal genau angucken , was eventuell beim Start schief läuft. Die Meldungen laufen aber mit -v bekannterweise recht schnell runter , keine Zeit da was zu erkennen ^^ Deshalb meine Frage, legt OSX einen Bootlog an , bzw kann man Darwin eventuell dazu bewegen eines anzulegen ? Ich bedanke mich im voraus
  13. Hello, is there any Progress in the Fan Speed Problem with a X1950XTX ? Bye Dirk
  14. Hallo leute , ich habe nun lange das Forum und Google befragt , eine Antwort hab ich leider nicht gefunden. Ich habe das Problem das bei der Installation von OSX der falsch IDE Treiber installiert wurde....Still waiting for Root device , ihr kennt das So weit so gut , neue Kext Installiert , mit -f -v gebootet , alles wunderbar. Aber.... von nun an muss ich IMMER mit -f booten. Sollte ich das nicht nur einmal machen müssen ? Hab mir mittlerweile ein tool installiert , was wiederum auch den Cache hätte löschen sollen , aber irgendwie hängt mein OS an seinem altem IDE Kext.... sehr nervig. Hat einer von euch eine gute idee ? Besten dank,