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  1. ASUS Gtx750 without Ti only works with VGA port

    I was mislead by the title Make bootable flash with nvflash http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/index.php?architecture=NVIDIA&manufacturer=&model=GTX+750&interface=&memType=&memSize= Palit should be ok but remember to backup your VGA bios. If you have igu you have nothing to be worry about http://www.overclock.net/t/1469814/nvidia-gtx-750ti-750-maxwell-owners-club/20
  2. ASUS Gtx750 without Ti only works with VGA port

    Flash the card with Palit StormX Dual bios, second DVI is not functional but at least the rest is working. We can only blame Asus for this mess
  3. Second DVI is not functional at all but at least the card is working
  4. I had the same issue but I flashed my card (Asus 750Ti) with Palit's bios and got working HDMI+DVI. On original ROM black screen on all ports
  5. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    Not at all. M290X is Pitcaim and M295X - Tonga, whats more any of these use AMD8000Controller
  6. R9 and R7 support in 10.10 (Finally)

    Hawaii and Bonaire kexts are full of bugs. I've Just sold my 260X and bought 750Ti instead. Maxwell drivers are buggy for now but developing quickly - 1-2 months more to wait but for now I'm getting almost full QE CI with dual monitor configuration
  7. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    APUs are not supported
  8. GTX 970 compatibility?

    Nvidia's web drivers for 10.10 have preliminary support for Maxwell architecture
  9. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    i'm not, just providing valuable info for you. To get all the necessary info about connectors use older version of bios decoder as well. Hot plugging is working perfectly, no unplugging before boot is necessary. And the last thing, when you use FB, card's definition is acquired from Clover and there are proper references to desktop Bonaire cards so here you go, 7600M
  10. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    But stil is the same kext (AMD8000Controller), same framebuffer and same problems
  11. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    With proper editing all ports are working Asus HD7790 (Bonaire). You all are just sloppy
  12. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    There is only one personality in 8000 kext :/
  13. Sapphire Radeon R7 265 Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 256-bit

    6819 - same as HD7850
  14. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    You're just doing it wrong, just use stingray_454's solution - Baladi framebuffer+DVI patching
  15. R9 290X Help for mavericks

    To remove flickering just sleep and wake the monitor, you can assign the command in mission control - not permanent solution but better than unplugging the cable