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  1. Hi thanks for the quick response, could you create me a version as you mention above to show the correct details for my system ? If so that would be very kind.
  2. This is really great work you have done so many thanks for the little xmas present I found yesterday. Using your files I have resolved the issues I was having with Sleep and getting sound to work without Voodoohda. My Cpu is I5 750 and obviously this isn't displayed correctly in About this Mac. Is this just a cosmetic thing or are more fundamental changes required and if so where ? Again many thanks for your hard work. Deano
  3. Sorry just picked up on this message. I just used the DSDT patcher whilst in Leo to create my file. Happy to post a copy if needed. Using voodoohda for audio and thats it, works a treat. I cant get sleep to work or should I say it goes to sleep but then wont wake up. One of the best things I like about this board is how few kexts are needed. If I get some free time this weekend I might try and make a guide for this board.
  4. @OSXCHAT Could you provide some more details about this ? "new SMB to get core temperature diodes to report" Cheers Deano
  5. I've just tried GeekBench 64 bit on my I5 750 overclocked to 3.84 and got a score of 10041. Is that regarded as a decent score ? MSI-p55-GD65 Core I5 750 4GB Ripjaw 1600 Mhz ram The only thng I cannot fix is my atheros based wireless card, I get KP as soon as it connects to any networks.
  6. Success! I've at long last managed to install Snow Leo on my P55 system. MSI P55 GD65 4GB Gskill ripjaw 1600mhz Core I5 750 (Overclocked to 3.83Ghz) Nvidia 8800 GT 512 I used a combination of the following guides. http://www.mbel.tk/ http://prasys.co.cc/2009/08/installing-sno...pard-for-osx86/ Firewire works out of box Used I5boot to stop overspeed issues Used the following to enable bot ethernet cards http://######.com/weaksauce12/2009/...-snow-released/ Upgraded to vanilla Kernel using 10.62 Combo update Sleep doesn't work but I'm going to try the new Netkas sleep enabler next
  7. I'm going to try a similar build. I've just built the system today with the following kit :- MSI P55-GD65 - (I got this board for 55% discount on the day they launched here in the UK) G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000) Intel Core i5 750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz LGA 1156 Hope I can get this going as I've just given my dad the GA P35-DS3 thats running Snow Leo. Lets keep this thread updated with how we get on
  8. Snow Leopard on new P55 Motherboard ?

    I haven't yet but have some hardware coming this weekend to give it a try. If I have much luck I'll produce a new guide.
  9. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    I had KP when booting in -X32 until I put the EFI string for graphics in, it would boot fine in x64 though.
  10. LOL I was just coming to to say that once I managed to boot in 32 the Airport card worked. In the end the reason for not being able to boot in x32 was because of a dodgy EFI string for my graphics card.
  11. Finally GA-P35-DS3L REV:2.0 Success

    I have this same problem on my P35-DS3, I haven't got to the bottom of this yet, I've done about 10 builds and only once did it tidy itself up.
  12. I have the same problem however no matter what I try my system always boots in 64Bit. I've tred editing Boot.plist and booting with -x32 but it always boots in 64
  13. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    I have managed to build a p35-ds3 system that is rock steady without any KP's which s great. However I cant get graphic card to work correctly using DSDT of EFI strings its 8800GT 512 has any one had any joy with this card ? Also no joy with sound of any kind. One thing I've noticed is that I cannot get it to boot in 32 bit even after booting -x32 or changing boot.plist it always boots 64bit. I use a atheros wireless card which works fine in 10.5.7 but dont seem to be able to get it to work in snow but I'm guessing this is a lack of 64bits drivers. I followed BlackOSX guide for my build.
  14. Finally GA-P35-DS3L REV:2.0 Success

    This seems to be a known problem, do a custom install and deselect the printer drivers. I was then able to complete the install
  15. My update to 10.5.7 worked perfectly just sounds didn't work after the update. Problem is whilst trying to fix the sound I've killed it and it now wont boot. I've booted with -v but cant really find anything that it is obviously causing a problem. I thought never mind I'll restore from Time machine backup but when I boot from my DVD all it cant see the second drive in my system with the backup on. Any one have any ideas before I start from scratch. Its been interesting lesson for me