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  1. The Great Driver Hunt

    $100 from me. Now it's a $200 pool. Any more takers?
  2. The Great Driver Hunt

    I'm not reinstalling after my failure. I'm going to waite for a new efi kernell until I reinstall. The video driver is built into the installation, which is why it isn't working; henceforth you'll need to reinstall windows with a new slipstream CD to accomplish anything. I hope someone builds a working one soon, I'm tired of fooling around with nothing.
  3. The Great Driver Hunt

    don't post anything from that guy. He's a joke, he doesn't know what he's doing. He's probably just a PC fanboy trying to waste our time.
  4. The Great Driver Hunt

    Should I reinstall the first xom, or should I wait for a new one to be released? I'm tired of running this windows installer lol
  5. The Great Driver Hunt

    Didn't work on my 17" intel iMac, either.
  6. The Great Driver Hunt

    When I do reinstall, do I need to rebless the efi?
  7. The Great Driver Hunt

    Okay I'm burning a new Slipstream CD now. I don't need to reformat completely do I? I just need to quick format the XP partition and reinstall Windows, right?
  8. The Great Driver Hunt

    Okay we have enough DL sources now. Now let's try USING it. I'm going to try reblessing it now. I'll report back in 5 minutes with how it went. And FYI, I'm on a 17" iMac Core Duo.
  9. The Great Driver Hunt

    So all I do is rebless this one and reboot, correct?
  10. The Great Driver Hunt

    wow it's 46MB...
  11. The Great Driver Hunt

  12. The Great Driver Hunt

    This new xom.zip... to use it, we must reburn the slipstream CD and reinstall windows, correct?
  13. The Great Driver Hunt

    I DLed mIRC, how do I chat in that channel?
  14. non-sp2 slipstreamed?

    Won't work. I tried it, it prompts you to insert the SP2 CD and you won't be able to get past that and into the installation screen.
  15. You can use it as long as you don't register.