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  1. Lion Installation via DVD without any BootCD

    After installation at boot it says that "cant find/mach_kernel"
  2. Lion Installation via DVD without any BootCD

    i cant seem to able to install DVD maker.....it says fail to install
  3. Dude, just install MiTube and your fine
  4. Working X1950 & Snow Leopard 10.6.4

    oK now listen to this. I couldnt make it work for the love of God. When i tried polyacryl kext my hackintosh froze asking me for reboot (the usual message). When i rebooted i did it with "ignore caches" and i suddenly have dual screen with full res. Is there a way around it? Im attempting to do the QE/CI. Wish me luck. OK.IT WORKS.......IT F#@$%!$^ WORKS....... 10000000000000000 Thank yous are not enough.
  5. ATI HD5670 Fully working with (QE/CI)

    OK. now after i reboot the 1st time the bootloader works but right before i get into the GUI the screen goes black. I know its loading cause my drive is blinking but no screen. Here is the last thing i see before it blacks out. By the way i dont know if it matters but i have iATKOS S3 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.4
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Acer 7720G Hi can you look at mine. My main concern is QE not working and my USB dont power up my DW-122 WiFi stick. Thank you send_me.zip
  7. Mine has all the resolutions but i cant get quartz extreme to work. ASUS 7720G with iATKOS 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.6
  8. ATI HD5670 Fully working with (QE/CI)

    I got into the GUI. Im following your steps but i cant find com.apple.Boot.plist in the /Extra folder.I do have hidden files on. The only one is in my /Library/preference folder
  9. ATI HD5670 Fully working with (QE/CI)

    I was installing it with graphics enable, when i shoudnt. Im having a problem with step 4. I cant find com.apple.Boot.plist in the extra folder.
  10. ATI HD5670 Fully working with (QE/CI)

    something funny. I got this card about 3 days ago and im trying to install iATKOS S3 10.6.3. After the install it boots but my screen is black. Any suggestions?
  11. [GR] thelw bohtheia

    καλησπέρα παιδια. Εγκατεστησα σε ενα πισι μου το iATKOS S3 10.6.3. Ολα καλά μεχρι την καρτα γραφικων ATI RADEON X1950 PRO. Δοκίμασα αυτο, η τουλάχιστον νομιζω οτι τα εκανα σωστα γιατι δεν σκαμπαζω και πολλα απο unix γλωσσα. Διαβασα στο φορουμ εδω για την καρτα ATI HD5670 και πηγα και την πηρα μονο που τωρα οταν κανω την εγκατασταση μετα μου μαυριζει την οθονη οταν κανει επανεκκινηση. Υπάρχει περιπτωση να μην καταλαβαινω τις οδηγίες εδω. Αν μπορει καποιος να μου πει step by step τι να κανω, η αν η καρτα ειναι δυσκολη να παρω καμια αλλη στην ιδια τιμη περιπου. Ευχαριστω.
  12. Work x1950gt pro ! Dev_ID = 0x72801002 and 0x72881002 !

    it didnt work for me....it did nothing.
  13. I have a Aser aspire 7720g with iDeneb snow leopard 10.6.3. I have no sound and i've tried everything. My card is Realtek268. Thank you in advance.
  14. could you help me out im trying to find ALCInstaller2 but theres nowhere on the net