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  1. dA_KiDMaN

    Nvidia MCP79 chipset: nForce support over Apple Bootcamp

    Nvidia Control Panel seems to recognize IDE drivers, but I still working with the standard AHCI 1.0 driver. I attach a capture from my NVCP.
  2. dA_KiDMaN

    No bluetooth on Windows 7 x64(MBP 15.4" early 2011)

    I fix bluetooth with this http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/bluetooth/pages...load=3-64bit-eu Only you have to add your BT DEV on the .inf file at this ubication C:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\Bluetooth Toshiba Stack\Drivers\tosrfusb You can make this with the notepad, adding a line under "[standard.NTamd64]" in this format %TosrfUsb.DeviceDesc(N1)%=TosrfUsb_Device, USB\VID_(N2)&PID_(N3) And also adding another line under [strings] in this format TosrfUsb.DeviceDesc(N1) = "Apple Built-In Broadcom Bluetooth" Obiously you have to change N1 according to the enumeration of devices in inf file, and N2 - N3 according to your BT chipset, you can see detailed info about in device manager. I hope help you Regards dA_KiDMaN tb.rar This file is for the premium version, you only have to replace in the program folder.
  3. Sorry there is my situation. Still NO full SUPPORT under bootcamp for nVidia MCP79 mobo's users? I hope it can be constructive for nvidia users and the driver development under bootcamp. Here is the link for the topic, I'll be waiting your solutions. Congratulations for create this wonderful database!
  4. I've opened this topic for invite all users of Apple Bootcamp to discuss about Nvidia MCP/79 an its implementation over Windows in Dual Boot with MacOS X. Nvidia MCP79 is present in some MacBook Air, MacPro, and Macbook late 2009 and there aren´t enought support for Mac users all over the web.The nVidia support website doesnt give a concrete answer. The MCP79 belongs to the Nvidia Geforce 9400 Motherboard series as for Notebooks mobo chipset as for Desktop Chipset. On this forum, there are some topics where users are stuck trying to enable Nvidia chipsets fully compatibility with AHCI mode over bootcamp. I'm grateful for the hard work that ludacrisvp and johnsock had been made about this cuestion. I tell us my situation, based on this post.Improving AHCI on Bootcamp with Mac Pro with Intel chipset System: MacBook Pro 5.5 (15") - Leopard Snow 10.6.4 . MBR Partition in Mat{censored}a HDD (250 gb) in dual boot with Bootcamp 3 for Windows Se7en 64bit (update 3) 0. My principal objective is to make correctly a installation of nForce drivers over BootCamp with the Ultimate common 64-bit version. 1. "AHCI Mode" in Sata Drive is basic for correct installation of nVidia storage drivers. So I have forced the regedit to manual override the msahci startup. (Changing in regedit values 1 to 0) 2. Then I've forcing Device Manager to load AHCI 1.0 under standard microsoft driver. Succes like other members in this forum. 3. I´ve restarted on MacOS and I succes trying to hack MBR with johnshock's script, then I've extracted MBR using the method here related (url="http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/9819-AHCI-compliance-on-Macs-running-Windows-and-Linux") to check that modifies has been done. It seems that moddifications on Hexadecimal code are correct and MBR is able to start AHCI support. 4. I restarted on Win7 and no BSOD typical problems and Standard AHCI 1.0 driver provided by Microsoft works. 5. I´ve found a Optimized nForce PACk (http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/win7-vista...cks-t70915.html) that add more compatible hardware to the nForce and becomes more suitable than the distributed by nVidia. The pach contains Ethernet, SMU Controller and Storage Drivers. But last one never is installed on my MBP. I try to manually add Hardware ID [DEV-0AB5] to the nvstor64.inf but Win rebots with a BSOD when tries to load that driver. I'm full disoriented at this point and maybe is possible that my Macbook under Snow Leopard OSX does not enter in normal sleep mode due to this changes. I hope this method helps users in the same situation. Sorry for my bad Eng. Regards from Spain. dA_KiDMaN
  5. dA_KiDMaN

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi I,m William, I'm working on MacBook Pro 5.5, and I register here to improve my knoledge about computing and performance over it.. Greatings from Spain and congratule us for your hard work!
  6. dA_KiDMaN

    Realtck ALC861(0x17AA3802) works.

    I need these files. I have the Lenovo 3000 n200. please help me to improve my alc861 codec. Can u attach the necesary files for me? Thanks.