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  1. Corrupted iWeb Files

    Help! Does anyone know how to restore iWeb to get your past domain.site?
  2. iSync

    hey does anyone know how to use iSync with any USB device, like thumb-drives, shuffles...? (i wont be able to access a computer over Saturday so i wont reply immediately)
  3. iMacs and HD Signals

    Ya, sry. I want to make the iMac the main display.
  4. Is possible to hook up an Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3 to an iMac G5(the one without the iSight, Radeon 9600)?
  5. Creating a hidden folder.

    I ran into a new problem. The regular apple cd/dvd burning software doesn't burn locked folders and I named it ending with a 0.1 and it skipped everything after the 0, HELP!
  6. Will Apple Drop Mach?

    Ya my dad the Ethernet Czar did the same thing he showed Steve a way to make the ethernet super fast with his driver and Steve realized that the E-net department was lazy and he fired the entire department. Your either part of the problem or solution. The argument to get rid of Mach would have to have been a good one Steve isn't persuaded easily, but he does listen (remember the first iMac, Steve almost shipped it without a HD for his idea was a complete internet mac, instead .mac was made so people could still store stuff remotely and the iMac shipped with a HD).
  7. Unix world

    to make a long story short what does "Invalid argument" mean.
  8. Creating a hidden folder.

    im using the regular apple burning software to make the dvd
  9. Creating a hidden folder.

    Thanks, but then I still am stuck with getting the folder to him. His computer doesn't have a floppy drive and he doesn't know how to use email that well hence the entire reason i'm doing this (he is not that computer literate). I'll figure out a way thanks.
  10. Creating a hidden folder.

    Its for a friend . Im making a dvd with software and games for him but the dvd will hop from xp to mac so to make things look nice (people say i'm OCD) i would like when u insert the dvd into windows it wont show the mac files and in mac so that it wont show the windows files. The contents include limewire pro, stuffit deluxe, demos of games (im space constricted and full games take up Gigs of memory, i dont have a DL dvd or a burner) the list goes on. Im not hiding stuff from a girlfriend! perv .... What has this world come to. Duh but im on a mac (without XP) and my friend (a guy with XP) doesn't know how to send me it as an attachment in an email.
  11. Creating a hidden folder.

    sry i dont really understand most computer jargen. like "In OSX open the Terminal app, cd to the directory or file you want to make hidden, and put a . in front of the name like this "mv filename .filename" You will more than likely need to be at root level to do this.". but if i understand correctly thats only for mac i want to create a hidden XP folder.
  12. How do you create a hidden folder for XP on Mac OSX, What would the name be or is there a little file in the folder. If so would someone help me.
  13. HELP!

    Help Dashboard froze and i just realized that there is no way to force quit or restart dashboard. Finder was not operable and the only way to get out of the situation was to force re-start. This irks me should it?