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  1. Hi again Mysticus *C, Just an update, I have tried a few customization combination regarding USB 2.0 fix and the PS2-battery meter-power management fix and found out that no matter how I update without the PS2-batt...fix I'll end up freeze in the grey apple screen, and when I take a close look during the update -v boot the a yellow error line siad something about applepowermanagemnt.kext not properly load, so I should have checked the PS2-batt...fix in the first place, sorry for the wrong info man... But no matter how I install it, my keyboard and track pad still screwd, so I installed a virtual keyboard program and reintall kext from Blue-K and voila... the keyboard and the track pad working like charm.... Now my 10.5.5 working quite flawless (input sound and webcam still no go), thanks a bunch Mysticus*C
  2. Thank for the updates man.... Before this I have tried to update my 10.5.2 Kalyway leo with the Kalyway 10.5.3 combo updater with no luck, always stuck on the blue screen, I suspect something wrong with my GMA 950 driver. I do fresh install from the Kalyway 10.5.2 intel AMD SSE2 SSE3 DVD with these costumization: kernel: 9.2.0 Vanilla Kernel Video: GMA 950 Rest is default setting, x-cept I installed Time Machine repair (if I am not mistaken the name) Work almost all OOTB except input sound and sleep (can put to sleep but wake up almost instantly) Then I upgraded with your post installation patches with these costumization: kernel: 9.5.0 Vanilla kernel Video: GMA 950 for laptop restore my prev driver for chipset, sound and network SMbios: Mac Pro ACPI APIC USB 2 Controller fix the installation goes very smooth, everything runs like the 10.5.2 (input sound and sleep still f...up) but its 10.5.5 yay!! But later on I realize that my keyboard and tracker didnt work , tried to reinstall kext for PS2 keyboard and tracker but must buy USB keyboard first....