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  1. Plex, XMBC, Trim Enabler

    XBMC Eden works on Maverick indeed.
  2. Crucial m4 SSD alignment

    Who tells such a {censored}? I use 4 of these drive in different machines like MacMini, Macbook und HackIntoshs. You can use Trim support on Lion and Mountain Lion-thats all.
  3. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    Did you changed your id in ATI4600Controller and ATIRadeonX2000? This helped for me for my 4650!!
  4. How to get a dat file? rename .hex in dat or what? Thanx so lot.
  5. Hi 314TeR- thanx so much for your personal DSDT. With the experimental I have speedstep but with both I ve no shutdown/sleep. On an other partition with the same dsdt but total different mkext -shutdown works. In verbose mode I can see CPU halted and you can hear the hds going to deep sleep -but no shutdown.After reset bios booting takes a long time cause the hds have to wake up. My sleep issues come perhaps of my ATI 4850??
  6. HI, this is my 3001 dump with 8gb DDR. Speedstep is not important atm. It would be nice if sleep and shutdown work like in 10.5.8. Thanx so much for your efforts. coolio acpi_dsdt_3001_8gb.bin.zip
  7. Hi, I wanted to downgrade my 3001 bios to 2406 but Asusupdate and EZ Flash tell me that isn´t possible-only with DOS flashutility to downgrade. I don`t know what to do cause I haven`t any floppydrive. I wanted to do a dump for my E6600 with 8 gb RAM. With the E 6750 4GB I have no shutdown and sleep. Restart and the rest work excellent. Thanx for any advices! Coolio
  8. ..but I have 8gb of RAM!! Can I use the 4gb version?
  9. Hi 314TeR, thanx so much for your efforts for our old baby P5W. I wanted to register in your board, but i ran in trouble cause i don`t speak polish. So I want to ask you to do a dsl for my E6600 CPU. There is a guy who made a dump for his E6600 with 4gb DDR RAM. I have 8gb DDR 800 but i don`t know if this is important. Coolio
  10. use the 10.5 and be happy- no need for 10.6 !!!
  11. RT2860 - Snow

    You must use kext utilities to repair permissions after installation.
  12. Force Snow Leo to boot in 32 Bit Mode?

    I have permanent 32 bit booting with boot argument arch=i386 -x32 and not -arch=i386 -x32 plist. with RC3.
  13. nice job lord_webi !!!Thanx for pictures.
  14. ACPI (DSDT) Patcher for BIOS and AML

    Hi, I would be happy for a general BIOS fix and a DSDT.aml for my NV 7600 GS 256 mb. Thanx so lot for your support!! Coolio P5W_DH_Deluxe_2801_mod_1.ROM.zip