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  1. ATI ATA Controller (PATA/SATA)

    Hi Chun-Nan, From Windows OS I got these I/O values for the PATA DVD device: I/O Port 0x000001F0-0x000001F7 I/O Port 0x000003F6-0x000003F6 Can you compile the kext for me putting the 0x000001F* values too? BTW I would like to know what lines do you edit for this purpose. It's the AppleATIATAChannel.cpp file? Thanks!
  2. Hi Chun-Nan, With this file there's more register values and lamentably the dmesg have a limited buffer and I can't get the first values. Tomorrow I will collect the values manually. I have to go to sleep. Cheers! dmesg_incomplete_.rtf
  3. Thanks Chun-Nan, Only a few questions, what about this line? ata6: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x170 ctl 0x376 bmdma 0xff08 irq 15 Can you insert both 0x3f6 and 0x376? I still want to learn how to hack this, what file/s do you modify? Do you recompile the kext with Xcode?
  4. Thanks Chun-Nan, Definitely my PATA is fuxxing wicked, I hope we can fix it any time! Maybe it helps other people. See the next file. Well now I'm going to have dinner (here in Spain is 11 PM). Talk to you later if you are still here. Thank you very much for your effort! ------ EDIT ------ BTW, what about ctl 0x376? jomateixa dmesg_0x3f6.rtf
  5. Thanks Chun-Nan, You mean rebooting and seeing if CH0 values are ever the same? Here the Debian dmesg file with addresses and IRQ values. ------ EDIT ------- My opinion is that DVD PATA device is connected to ATA channel 1 but the driver only search in channel 0 (the last CH0=ff values you're talking about appears at the end of kernel boot, just at the same point as when I get the SearchingDrives pointer little-hang). If you see the debian_dmesg file, you will notice that PATA drive is at the line after the string ata5.01 -------------------- dmesg_debian.txt
  6. Hi Chun-Nan, here are the files. Ok I will try to find the I/O PATA addresses, but I really don't know how to do it yet. I will try a dmesg into Debian. Cheers dmesg_native.rtf dmesg_legacy.rtf
  7. Hi Chun-Nan, You can only enable two PATA channels? Could I have the DVD drive connected to 3rd or 4th channel (if exist)? Here you have the dmesg output and the IOATAFamily I'm using now (the one that comes with Leo4allv3), but I tested several others without result , for example the one provided here by blubbla http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...p;#entry472484 Thanks! dmesg_output.rtf IOATAFamily.kext.zip
  8. @Chun-Nan I don't want to take more of your time, you tried to help me. But as a last thing, can you tell me what modification you did to the AppleATIATA_test file? I only want to learn how to hack these files in order to do my own tests instead to answer people. If it's not too hard, can you teach me a little or tell me where can I look for information? Thank you.
  9. Hello Chun-Nan, My DVD is attached to Tertiary controller- Slave (but BIOS prompt says Primary slave). Here's some BUS info I copy-pasted, It's not very interesting but maybe it helps. There's a thing I didn't mentioned: I had to install the OS/X system putting my SATA HDD inside another computer in order to boot from the Install DVD, so when in OS installation there was another DVD (IDE) drive. I thought it was not important but possibly I don't have the correct kexts loaded. Cheers Some_Info.txt
  10. No result, still the same. I will try to find where is attached the DVD and all information I can find about it. Here the last ioreg_sp file, now I have to go to bed. Cheers !! We talk tomorrow. And thank you ... ioreg_sp_3_.rtf
  11. Thanks Chun-Nan. Yes my DVD is P-ATA (Linux kernel loads the ATIIXPATA module) I did exactly what you said and now, the "length" and "offset" fields have different values for the device 0x438c, but the DVD drive is still unrecognized. This is frustrating. There's any way to know the correct memory values? Thanks again and again for your help. Here the new ioreg_sp: ioreg_sp_2_.rtf
  12. Hi Chun-Nan, Here is my ioreg_sp file. Thanks for your help. I'm an advanced linux user but a noob in BSD/Mac. BTW, I noticed that ATA_ATI_IXP600 is loaded at kernel boot but ATA_ATI_IXP600_S1 isn't. I'm sure about my ID's, 0x438c and 0x4380. ioreg_sp.rtf