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  1. svencux

    [SOLVED] Lion running WAY too hot

    having the same problem. Since i do have Lion installed the CPU temps are higher. before about 39°C now with Lion about 53°C I have not found a solution yet. I believe it has something to do with the fakeSMC.kext Hope some of the experts arround here will solve it.
  2. svencux

    What network cards work?

    hello cario_sc i have same problem with Airport card not detected after 10.6.5 update. Could please put up the IO80211Family.Kext 10.6.5 (Beta Version) Does anyone know if an original Aplle airport card would fit into a normal pc (i do have a Gigabyte EP45DS3 Board) It would be the easyest way to get Wifi working i guess. thanks for the held
  3. hello there, seams to become an never ending story. After updating (combo update) lost my wifi card. It is not longer detected. Normally it was natifly detected. Anhow i now did a clean install on a seperat internal harddrive all ok until i do the update to 10.6.5 i do imedetly loose my wifi card. 10.6.4 all OK I did try the old family.kext did try AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext script nothing seems to work. Does anyone has an idea ? thanks
  4. hello all, i do need a little help. With my old install i did the 10.6.5 update and distroied my system. Since i had to start with a clean install i gave this method a shot. So i was able to install 10.6 on a clean formatted disk.. so far so good. When i finished the install i was not able to reboot into the harddrive only by using the thumb drive. I guess i missied some point along the way. Should't i have to install a bootloader an my new installed disk? I gues right now i do have..as we say in germany "ein Brett vorm Kopf" Could someone please point me in the right direction. And one more as soon i get the 10.6.0 installed can i directly upgrate to 10.6.5 without going through the updates step by step ?
  5. still no luck with my Airport card. I did try all things mentioned above but no luck, still no. card installed message. looks like i need to go back to 10.6.4
  6. thanks a lot for the very fast help. Too bad it did not fix my problem. Installed it but still says no aiport card installed. Anyone knows how to fix this issue thanks
  7. svencux

    10.6.5 is out

    i also lost my wifi card "it says no card installed. I did try to install the old IO80211Family.kext but no luck at all. Does anyone can help me ? please
  8. hello, can someone please put up the IO80211Family.kext from 10.6.4 for me. My aifi airport card is lost after the update and i do hope to get it back to work by insatllimg the old driver. thanks.
  9. hello, i lost my airprt extrem wifi card after the updated it's not detected anymore. Any idea what kext i do need to re install to get that fixed ?? everything else is just fine thanks
  10. hallo stephanchen, habe das gleiche bord und es lief auch schon vorher alles bis auf ton. Habe daher mal deine DSDT sowie HDAEnabler und Lagacy HDA installiert jedoch ohne Erfolgt der Ton will nicht. Benutze zwar eine USB Ton dongle mit dem der Ton funktioniert, falls du jedoch eine Hinweis hast, was ich vielleicht übersehen habe wäre ich dankbar. Danke!
  11. svencux

    ›› Voodoo XNU Kernel is now Released

    he jwebb, how did you solve the sleep issue ? I do have same issue. Other than that alle is fine.
  12. i have installed this kernel on an iAtkos install, running on 10.5.8 on an medion MD8800. All running fine except sleep is nor working anymore. It goes in some kind of sleep..processor sleeps, fans still running. If you try to wake up it won't work and you have to restart. Anyway other than that it's fine. Any idias on the sleep issue
  13. svencux

    [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    hi there, i did try to make this work but i am not able to boot. Chamelon starts up then a quick short line on the upper left corner (something with injector.. too fas to read) and then it restarts. I do have an older Medion MD8800 PC. Leopard 10.5.8 is running fine with no issues. I did create the DSDT aml File, added all kext and so on. I am not quite sure if it is related to ACHI mode which my BIOS does not have a special setting for it. The board description just stated that there is an automatic ACHI mode. Anybody any idea why it just wont boot. i would apriciate any suggestions. sorry for my german english hope good enough to be understandable
  14. hey there, Chamelon will not install on my fresh snow leo partition. Unable to unpack any ideas? thanks
  15. da hast du natürlich nicht ganz Unrecht! dsmos.kext benötigt man nicht mehr mit fakesmc. Ich hatte mir alle kext aus einem Thread übernommem und nicht weiter drüber nachgedacht. Da aber alles stabil läuft habe ich es so gelassen, auch, als ich fakesmc Version 2 draufgezogen habe.