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  1. Has someone a solution for the touchscreen? Touchbase works fine, but I'm not really willing to pay 100 punds for a simple driver...
  2. Okay, installed with iDeneb from USB HDD. Works. But the biggest Problem is the mouse. It is very "jumpy" and the axis are swapped (up is down and vice versa) Any ideas how to fix this?
  3. Any updates on this? I just got a Q1 ultra and wanted to start to install Leopard. In the moment, the screen issues prevent me from installing (btw. I noticed that the screen on window is also very dark) // dripple
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    No, your english is right. One large PS file for each screen because creatives do all the work with PS. We have to slice them and crunch the 32MB 300dpi photorealistic file down to a 120kb HTML file with some gifs and jpgs
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    They must be VERY old! Anyway, I'm also putting into empty cells. It's a bad habit ;-)
  6. Nice, there was some information I was missing.
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    If you wan't to be "seriously", you should differ between webDESIGN and webDEVELOPMENT. And there's not single way "to do things correctly". I am working for large scale internet portals (up to 60 million PI's a day) for years now and you'll find coders who do the backend with Eclipse (or similar tools) and designers who use Macromedia MX and Dreamweaver who do the design. Another - not yet unusual - way: the creatives do they work completely in photoshop (assuming that there is no flash needed) and the backend-coder slices this photoshop file to a stripped down html/jsp/php-file. dripple
  8. I remembered IE Mac right after pressing the "add reply" button.
  9. Loads perfect in Camino and Safari. Btw. Is there an IE or Lynx port for Mac? ;-)
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    I give up...

    This is not the dark side, my friend: welcome to the light! I think there are two types of user here. The ones who like the play with a different OS and the other ones who really like a Mac and want to own one. Since I started with a Mac in the early 90's, I'm very happy with my recently bought PowerBook. And yes, I sold my Windows-PC. It feels good. ;-) dripple
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    Downloaded DMG's don't work

    Hmm. Take a closer look at the external drive. Does the Finder AND Disk Utility report the same same values for used and free space? With my external 300GB Drive, Finder reports "correct" Values, but the Disk Utility reports only a 128 GB drive, so all new files created on this drive were corrupted.
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    Downloaded DMG's don't work

    I fixed the problem a few days later: It seems that a Mac OS X partition cant resident AFTER Windows XP on the SAME drive. Moving OS X to another drive or rearanging the partition order solves this (and many other) problems.
  13. Maybe this thread is getting to old, so many of you don't know the facts: The mouse tearing IS a problem of the hardware accelerated mouse cursor. And of course: VESA-driven cards have no artifacts. And: currently there's no way to disable the hardware accelerated mouse driver. A solution would be a small extension that hides the pointer while scrolling using the scroll wheel. This would minimize the mouse tearing a lot.
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    SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    I had this "white window" problem too after installing my Radeon 9800 XT. It happens only with Java-Apps to me, other Apps like iTunes work well, even Pages or Keynotes run fine. I solved the problem by installing Maxxuss's Graphics Speed-patch (it uses a patched CoreGraphics.kext) but with this patch, PPC Apps show some Graphic-Errors. Funny thing: After removing this patch, everything works fine. No "white windows"! I would try to remove all ATI-Kexts and force the system to boot into VESA-Mode. Then shutdown the system, copy all KEXTs back and reboot. Maybe this solves your problem? After all, I gave up experimenting and bought a real Mac because I didn't want to go back to Windows.
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    Ableton Live 5.2 for Mac Intel now available

    Link doesn't work :-(